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See a cutie at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010? Maybe s/he’s one of these Missed Connections.

2010 November 9

Yo, mang, we can all agree that Fun Fun Fun Fest has the best line-up. And with a variety of music comes a diversity of hotness. Depending on your tastes, you’ll be almost guaranteed to find your flavor.  Whether a hip hopper, a goth kid, a fly girl, a crusty punk, a hipster chick, a metal cougar, an electro bear or an alt dad, Fun Fun Fun Fest has probs got it.

And it’s pretty simple to bag your target: Just camp out in front of the stage of your choice and wait. Use the music as an ice breaker, mention a show you want to check out, and then get they number. OR you can post a Missed Connection on Craigs List and pray that your cutie will see it.

Well today your boy Roary Dillo is gonna help increase them odds. Hopefully by featuring some of our favorite Missed Connections from Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010, you’ll get lucky, and everyone will be happy.  And, hey, if it does work out, you can pay it forward by mentioning ROA to your friends ;)

Grindcore? More like “grind me more!”

This missed connection is looking for that one chick in blue jeans by the Black Stage. You know the one: She was wearing the Heineken bracelet…the same bracelet everyone over 21 was wearing. Hey, at least you know she’s legal ;)

Our advice: If you have to grab a beer, ask her if she wants one!

[Click photo to enlarge]

Blood soaked and lovelorn

This missed connection has a romantic story to share with his grandkids: He met his true love at a GWAR show after being splattered with bodily fluids. Well, he would have, had he been a gentleman. Stop spittin game and save the intro for when she’s not dripping in blood.

Our advice: Dude, offer her your shirt or bandana to wipe herself off with. THEN introduce yourself ;) At the very least, ask if you can get her a paper towel or walk her to the nearest bathroom.

[Click photo to enlarge]

Not-so-smooth Operator

This missed connection had two things going for her: First, the dude she likes was wearing a Sade shirt, which means he’s a sensitive lover. And second, he calmed a drunk dude down, so you know he’s good at communication. Too bad she played the wall. And 10 times without saying sup? Gurl, you’re either an alkieholic or a stalker.

Our advice: Wait until it slows down a bit and then turn it on. Or be a true playette and slip him your phone number and a grin while he’s handing you your drank.

[Click photo to enlarge]

If you’re going to San Francisco…

This missed connection acts like he’s never seen boobies before. Seriously, if you are at the Black Stage and you’re surrounded by hot chicks, you’re basically in heaven. Nothing against heshers, but the Black Stage has a tendency to lean towards sausage and testosterone, if you know what I mean. Plus, if you’re from out of town, shouldn’t you be passing out that hotel card key like it’s a life jacket on the Titanic?

Our advice: Move out of San Francisco.

[Click photo to enlarge]

Did you miss out on love while at Fun Fun Fun Fest? Leave your generic description of some vague encounter in the comments below (or on our Facebook page) and you might just find the love of your life.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to share the (potential) love by sharing this post with your friends.


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