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About Republic of Austin

Voted Best Local Blog 2010 by the readers of the Austin Chronicle.

Republic of Austin Writers Group Photo July 2010

Republic of Austin writers group photo July 2010 - photo by Cory Ryan plus alterations ;)

Launched in June 2009, Republic of Austin is a lifestyle magazine (AKA ‘blog’) that celebrates life, art, people, music, food, style and events in Austin, Texas, through videos, photos and social media. Written by folks in our 20′s and 30′s, we want to share our love of Austin with the world. Meet us out and tell us your story!

Oh yeah: In September 2010 we were voted Best Local Blog and Best Local Blogger by the readers of the Austin Chronicle. BTW, thanks! :)

Here’s how it works:

  • The blog is where we post original photos, videos and stories about life in Austin.
  • Our Twitter is kinda like, well, it’s Twitter-we share our posts, other people’s posts and events. Although we are moving more towards Facebook.
  • The Republic of Austin Facebook page is fully interactive. We share articles from our favorite Austin bloggers, drop a couple of our daily Austin party and event picks, and chat about things that Austin folk love.
  • We recently launched a tumblr to share photos and things from our favorite Austin tumblrs. We’re n00bs, so be gentle.

Our mission:

  • To raise local and national awareness of the diverse artists, musicians, events, businesses and lifestyles that make Austin a kick-a city
  • To strengthen the community throughout Austin
  • To be Austin’s only truly alternative press by sharing local stories not generally picked up by the mainstream media
  • To keep Austin weird, y’all!

About Chris Apollo Lynn, Editor in Chief/Founder

78704er, cyclist, mac fan boy, new media mad scientist, part-time punk, urban forager, not a robot, ready for End of Days.

Voted Best Local Blogger 2010 by the readers of the Austin Chronicle.

Bio: [More about Chris Apollo Lynn]

Articles: [Articles by Chris Apollo Lynn]

Contact: [[email protected]]

Staff Writers

About Ari Guerrero, Green Living Reporter

Former Rain forest dweller, roughing it, realtor, hands deep in the dirt, small(ish) carbon footprint, Rio Grande Valley girl.

Bio: [More about Ari Guerrero]

Articles: [Articles by Ari Guerrero]

Contact: [[email protected]]

About Danielle Thomas and Adam Garner, Parents-to-be

Self-guided, 78704ever, vinyl & Super8, she’s karate + 4-wheelers + skydiving, he’s sailing + cooking + clean lines, living the dream together in a door-less, topless Jeep, adding our +1.

Bio: [More about Danielle Thomas and Adam Garner]

Articles: [Articles by Danielle Thomas and Adam Garner]

About Linsey Krauss, Style Reporter

Former New Yorker turned Austinite, lover of Sonic ice and all things vintage-inspired, fan of people, music with a beat, fireworks, Christmas lights and dogs.

Bio: [More about Linsey Krauss]

Articles: [Articles by Linsey Krauss]

Contact: [[email protected]]

About Matthew Stewart, History Reporter

Variable nerd, aspiring professional hockey goalie, politically interested, loves the “Golden Oldies”, player of racquetball, steak connoisseur

Bio: [More about Matthew Stewart]

Articles: [Articles by Matthew Stewart]

About Rachel Naugle, Personal Finance Reporter

Recovering shopaholic, child of the 80s, no “mom jeans” wearing mom, dreamer, planning my next escape.

Bio: [More about Rachel Naugle]

Articles: [Articles by Rachel Naugle]

Contact: [[email protected]]

roryiconAbout Roary Dillo, Social Coordinator/Humor

broke azz armadillo, chunky black sunglasses, not a human, stay-at-home scenster, I don’t own an iPhone.

Bio: [More about Roary Dillo]

Articles: [Articles by Roary Dillo]

Contact: [[email protected]]

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