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Walking in a winter wonderland (in CHI-town) [PICTURES]

2010 December 17

Sorry for the lack of posts. The last two weeks have been very surreal. Last week, my grandmother passed away right in front of my eyes. This week I received a birthday card from her. I’ve also spent this week in snowy Chicago for work. None of it seems real-but it’s all testament to the crazy ride that is life.

Coming from 77+ degree weather last week to 9 degree weather this week has been a little insane. Everyone up here hates it. Me: I’m bundled up and walking to work every morning with a ginormous smile on my face. Oh, and snow. SNOW! My Chicago coworkers laugh at me, but I seriously act like a kid when I see that white fluff fall from the sky. And yes, I have caught many a snowflake on my outstretched tongue. Plus, our Chicago office is 2 blocks from a chocolate factory, so the air always smells like hot chocolate :)

For those of you wishing it were a little more winter our, here are some snapshots of snow:


Sears Tower!!


This water was actually starting to form thick blocks of ice. Wonder if the whole canal freezes!!


Loved this sign. Not only does it have a huge snow flake, but can you imagine getting towed because it snows?


Cold weather makes me want to drink some soul warming red wine. With that in min, a friend and I headed over to Chicago neighborhood Wicker Park. With locally-sourced food, hip stores and plenty of fixed gear bicycles, Wicker Park will help mend a homesick Austin East Sider’s heart. While there, we hit up a wine bar called BIN Wine Cafe.


BIN is pretty much one of the most amazing wine bars I’ve ever been to. They’ve got flights of wine arranged by “tours” of different regions. I tried the Portugese flight. 1 white and 3 reds, the waitress touted this as the future of wines. Super minerally reds paired with chocolate rocked * my world, but it was our waitress’s suggestion of a Semillion paired with a Michigan-sourced sheep’s cheese that really made my night.

If you’re in Chicago, I def recommend checking it out. The staff had a joyous energy-not snotty at all. Plus, it’s pretty affordable.

Ok, Austin, I’ll be back this weekend! First stop, the Knuckle Rumbler holiday party Jolly Ball tonight at the Scoot.

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