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“Blogger Intro: Roary”

2009 May 16

Hey peeps:

Unlike everyone else that writes for this blog, I’m an Austin native-Travis Heights born and bred. In fact, I live under Chris’ house, aka RoA HQ, and kinda got suckered into this gig.  Since I’ve got stubby little legs and can’t drive (DPS’ “humans only” policy is discriminatory and blows! FML.), you can find me off SoCo or around the ’04. Because I’m deathly scared of becoming roadkill, I pretty much only come out at night.

Being an armadillo has it’s ups and downs.  For starters, I’ve got this thick, leathery armored shell and can roll into a ball.  But most places frown upon armadillos in the work place.  With no way to earn income, I’m pretty much broke. That’s why Chris asked me to cover lunch/drink/dinner specials and free events.  Help a broke armadillo out and send me your specials through Twitter or email (rory[at]republicofaustin[dot]com), and I’ll share them with all my peeps through the blog and Twitter!

Oh, yeah: Since I can’t get out during the day and I don’t really leave 78704, @ me your Twitpics on Twitter.  It will make me happy, and I’ll share them with anyone else who’s stuck at their computer.


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Rory goes for a walk in Stacy Park

Rory goes for a walk in Stacy Park


  • Movie: Slacker or Dazed and Confused
  • Austin restaurant (and dish): Grub worm Enchiladas in Verde Sauce at Güero’s
  • Austin landmark: Threadgill’s (It’s Armadillo World Headquarters, y’all!)
  • Book: Country Wisdom & Know-How
  • Flavor of pie: Anteater pie at Woodland
  • Flavor of salsa: A very rare chocolate salsa from the Hot Sauce Festival. You probably haven’t tried it.
  • Band/musician (local or otherwise): Bands that will be popular in 6 months to a year from now. Oh, and my homeboy Natchet’s band, New Disaster


  • Song that best describes you or your life: “Rock the Casbah” by the Clash…not because I really identify with the song, but more because I had a lead role in the video
  • If you were a mexican dish, what would you be? My worse nightmare is being cooked and eaten by hillbillies in a “Roadkill Pie.” I respectfully decline answering this question
  • If you were a beer, what would you be? Lone Star, duh!
  • What do you do in your free time? My claws don’t work well with an iPhone, so I’m pretty much working the Twitter feed at home ALL THE TIME
  • What is your guilty pleasure? Sneaking into the Hey Cupcake! Trailer on South Congress after they close and licking the icing

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