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Meet SmartyPig-A simple tool to help you live without credit cards and still get what you want.

2010 March 31

You know that feeling when you hear about something and you want to SHOUT it from the rooftops for everyone to hear?  Well, that’s how I feel about this new online piggy bank/social media tool/cool new concept called

During SXSW Interactive, I had the opportunity to sit down with CEO Bob Weinschenk and co-founders Mike Ferrari and Jon Gaskell.  Cool and down-to-earth, they’re nothing like the stereotypical Wall Street guys we’ve all learned to hate. They really sold me on their concept of being able to set up a savings goal that I could share with my family and friends, allowing them to track my progress, cheer me on and contribute.  With consumer interests their top priority, they want to encourage good spending and saving habits.

My heart just melted a little bit…

After hearing about SmartyPig, I immediately thought about my 10-year wedding anniversary with my husband coming up next year.  We had already planned on taking a vacation to celebrate, and if we want to do it without credit cards, we have to start saving now. With that in mind, I created a SmartyPig account, set up the goal, and began making small transfers from my checking account into my Smarty Pig account once every two weeks, on pay day when I know the money will definitely be there.

To help push towards my goal, I think about how excited my husband and I will be next year, relaxing on our anniversary, enjoying each others’ company, and knowing that the only thing waiting for us when we get back is our kids - and not a credit card bill. That will be such a GREAT feeling.

Here’s my SmartyPig goal. Feel free to follow my progress here or click the link to learn more!

WATCH: In the 5-minute interview, the founders tell me how to be a a SmartyPig by teaching me why it’s an alternative to traditional savings accounts. They even help me cut my credit cards!

COMMENT: What are some big goals that you want to save for? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook discussion page. Let’s do it together!

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