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3 Simple Tricks to Help Keep New Years Financial Resolutions in Check

2010 February 1

One month ago I made three BIG financial resolutions for the New Year:

  • I will not use credit cards, and I will not get further into debt.
  • I will not buy any clothes, shoes, or handbags for myself.
  • I will not buy a single purchase over $100.

To be honest, I’ve surprised myself with my level of dedication, and am proud to say that I have not broken a single resolution! It’s still early in the year, I know, but so far, it really hasn’t been that hard. In the process, however, I’ve noticed some unexpected and welcomed side effects that will help me stay on track for the rest of the year.

3 Things I’m Doing to Stay on Track With My Financial Resolutions:

    Stay on the right track - photo by mpeachy on Flickr

    Photo by mpeachy on flickr

  1. I get more creative with my wardrobe and shop my closet. You know, finding those pieces lost in my closet and bringing them back into the rotation.
  2. I exercise to lose weight so I can fit into some of my older clothes. Over a year ago, I had a baby. I’m just now becoming diligent in losing those last ten pounds so I can fit into my pre-preggo clothes. Plus, it helps me feel good!
  3. I cook a lot more meals at home. I never really considered myself a cook, but I’m actually really enjoying it.

BONUS: Oh, and I started a vegetable garden to supplement our grocery shopping.

A lot of the motivation to keep my New Year’s resolutions comes because I feel like I owe it to you guys to stick with it.  Knowing that y’all are reading my posts helps me stay focused.  Hopefully my struggle and eventual success will help all of you, too!

SHARE: Have you kept your resolutions? What’s helping you stick it out? Have you learned any tricks along the way? We’re all in this together. Share in the comments below.

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