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Uh-oh. Big temptation on the horizon. Will it kill my financial resolutions?

2010 April 6

At the first of the year, I made three big financial resolutions for 2010:

  • Not to use any credit cards and not to get further in to debt
  • Not to buy any clothes, shoes, or handbags for the entire year
  • Not to make a single purchase over $100

This past month saw me getting a big jump on not using credit cards when I got the guys from SmartyPig to cut them up for me!  While the thought of not having those cards as crutches in an emergency situation is very scary, the act of cutting them up was really liberating.  It was like finally telling myself, “Hey, you got this!  You can live without credit cards.  Everything will be fine.”  And so far it has.  Snaps for me!

I also realized this month that aside from shoes, clothes, and purses, my other big temptation is beauty stuff.  I thought I had this one conquered by becoming a member of BeautyFix, but I had a slip-up at Ulta this past week.  I went in planning on buying one thing, and left with five things totaling over $90!  Thankfully, I got my head on straight, and I went back the next day and returned everything but the one item I had planned on buying.  Double snaps for me!

And the last big thing I’ve faced this month is my income taxes and what to do with my tax refund.  Right now the refund is sitting in my checking account begging to be flittered away on useless items.  I know that I need to allocate the money somewhere before it’s gone, but I will admit that it’s been really nice to not have to worry about money for the past few weeks.  No snaps on this one….yet!

DISCUSS: So, how have you been doing on your financial goals this year?  What is your big temptation and what are you doing to avoid it?

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  1. Audrey permalink
    April 7, 2010

    Hmmmmm…my big goal was to save enough for a down payment on my house, and I did that with room to spare. So I guess now the goal should be to be savvy enough to pay all the bills, including the mortgage (which is more than my old rent), but still put $ into savings. Without, I must add, having to resort to an all-ramen diet.

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