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Portraits of Austin Bloggers from the July 2010 Austin Bleetup

2010 July 28

Last week, the RoA team headed over to Trio for the July 2010 Austin Bleetup (that’s ‘blogger meetup’ for you non-boggy types). While there, we had a great time hobnobbing with some of our favorite local bloggers at sunset out on the lawn behind the Four Seasons. It was my first time back there, and I have to say that it was really nice. Wish I’d manned up and kicked some of the lazies out of the ginormous hammocks, but alas, I decided to just let sleeping dogs, um, swing?

Not sure if it was the wine, the sun, the rain or the twittery giddiness of bloggers in general, but Cory Ryan’s photobooth got a little crazy. Case in point: A photoshoot with me and Tolly. She was wearing a blonde Fabio wig and she’d strapped me into a coconut bra. See what I mean? [You can see all the craziness of Cory's photobooth here.]

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The portraits I took, on the other hand, were a little more subdued. Straying away from my usual overhead-angled “Dutch Shot,” they’re all close-up, direct portraits. Hope you like :) [See the full set of photos of Austin Bloggers on our flickr page.]

BTW, this is by no means everyone we loved at the event-just the ones we got to shoot before the batteries ran out.

Much love to Tolly over at Austin Eavesdropper for organizing the whole thing!

Portraits of some of Austin Top Bloggers-and other cool folks

Tolly from Austin Eavesdropper


Cory Ryan from Cory Ryan Photography

Gary Gaston (aka @gaston213 on Twitter) from Austin Eavesdropper

Wedding superstar Jetté Momant

Click here to see more portraits of our favorite bloggers at July 2010 Bleetup—->

Amber Deitrich from champy-drinking event blog Amber Demure

Maggie Lea from Cinema East

Vanessa Gonzales from Sailor Legs

Sarah Jessica Dean from The Year of Living Thriftily

Tyler Groover from emerging music blog TwoGroove


Our lovely mommy-to-be blogger, Danielle Thomas


Elise Hu from the Texas Tribune

Zack Hadley formerly of Frantic Clam

JIll Sorrels from party team Knuckle Rumbler

Joanna Wilkinson from Keep Austin Stylish

Ashley Cass from Bird’s Barbershop

April from the The Sip: Sweet Leaf Tea Blog

Our daddy-to-be blogger, Adam

Amanda from Austin Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Our style blogger, Linsey

Our green living blogger, Ari

Super Gowalla user, Kerissa from Worn White

Frank Rivera from KXAN

Will Mills from Giant Noise

Jeremiah Newton from super Austin events calendar PartayPeeps

Andrew, Twitter/Gowalla super user @theresafuknknit


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    Gorgeous photos (even of me) by @atx4u [link to post]

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    RT @amberdemure: Gorgeous photos (even of me) by @atx4u [link to post] …

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    July 28, 2010

    the nameless woman is sarah jessica dean and her blog is

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    July 28, 2010

    Is Tolly naked?

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    RT @amberdemure: Gorgeous photos (even of me) by @atx4u [link to post]

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