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How to keep the Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin 2010 legit.

2010 July 15

It’s that time of year again: Every. Single. Business. in Austin tells you to nominate and vote them for Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin. And with good reason: It’s the most widely read issue.

Austin Chronicle Best of Austin 2010We at RoA are no exception. We write our little claws off to bring you stories about this great city-and a little love makes everything easier ;) BUT, we also think there are a lot of other great individuals and businesses that deserve recognition. So instead of just shilling for your vote, we’re also shilling for our favorite folks.

So take a look at our suggestions. Make your own opinion. Head over to the Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin 2010 page. Vote for Republic of Austin and all the good folks below. Let’s keep this ish legit, y’all!

Oh yeah, and I’m a self-serving lil dillo, so VOTE FOR ROARY DILLO for best blogger ;)

[UPDATE: We EFFIN won, y'all!! Check out our 'Thank You' blingee]

Linsey’s Best of Austin 2010 picks:

  • Lunch Delivery: Whole Foods
  • 24-Hour/Late: La Mexicana
  • Place to Take a First Date: Justine’s
  • Cheap Date: G’Raj Mahal Cafe
  • Outdoor Dining: El Arbol
  • Sweets/Goodies: Gourdough
  • Bar Staff: Moltov
  • Neighborhood/Dive Bar: Lustre Pearl
  • Local Cocktail: French 76 at Paggi House
  • Beer Selection: The Drafthouse
  • Best-Kept Secret: Whip In
  • Local Food Blog: Maggie’s Austin
  • Local Blog:
  • Tattoo Artist: Debbie at Mom’s Tattoos
  • Clothing: Gypsy Sun
  • DVD Rental/Purchase: Volcom

Adam and Danielle’s Best of Austin 2010 picks:

  • Hotel - st cecilia
  • 24 hr/late - 24 diner
  • neighborhood grocery - thom’s market
  • annual rec event - alt softball league all-star game
  • swim hole - krause springs

Ari’s Best of Austin 2010 picks:

  • Best Trailer: East Side King
  • Place to Dance: Barbarella
  • Farmer’s Market: Hope
  • Local Blog: ROA
  • Book Store: Domy Books

Chris’s Best of Austin 2010 picks:

  • Trailer: Mighty Cone
  • Downtown View: From the pede bridge under MOPAC
  • Hotel/Motel Pool: St Cecilia
  • Hotel/Motel Staff: San Jose
  • New Club: Cheer Up Charlie’s
  • Live Club or Party DJ: Prepmode or Orion or Sharkweek or Team Fabrication
  • Local Farm: Boggy Creek
  • 24-hour/late: 24 Diner
  • Cheap Date: Polvo’s or Frank or odd duck
  • Restaurants (I don’t get their categories): Parkside, La Condesa, Woodland, G’raj Mahal
  • Outdoor dining: Satay
  • Bars (Categories are confusing): Cheer Up Charlie’s or Good Knight or Clive or Lustre Pearl or Sidebar
  • Food Blogs: Miso Hungry or Fete and Feast or Tasty Touring
  • Entertainment Website: The Peen Scene
  • Local Blog: Austin Eavesdropper or Downtown Austin Blog or Republic of Austin
  • Bike Ride: Thursday Night Bike Social
  • Barbershop: Bird’s

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  1. July 15, 2010

    Thanks for the shoutout Roary and Chris! New things you listed that I need to try — El Arbol
    and the French 76 at Paggi House! Thanks :-)

  2. July 17, 2010

    Aw, thanks for the vote Chris. :) Sweet of you to say, on your own blog!!


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