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It’s down to 5 men. Vote for Austin’s Coolest Young Dad 2010!

2010 June 17

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This post will be the top post through Sunday. Scroll down to see newer posts.]

Ok, I gotta say: DAYUM, Austin, we’ve got a lot of kick-a dads in this city! And if a city is defined by its citizens, then our city is pretty kick-a-but y’all already knew that. ;)

First off, thanks to everyone who nominated a cool dad. We received WAY more submissions than we expected, and each story was beautiful and unique. All of the men submitted are great role models in their own way. Some dads sacrifice their dreams for their family in order to spend time with the kids or work long hours to ensure their family has enough to get by. All of the dads give up things they love to be with the ones they love, and they’re all winners in my book.

Alas, the nature of competition is that some people have to be eliminated. So, after a long night of reading and re-reading all the submissions, the Republic of Austin team finally made a decision on the top 5 candidates. Hopefully in these candidates you’ll find 5 men who are redefining for our generation what it means to be a father.

But before we get to the noms, we gotta tell you what they get: All of the top 5 get admission for 2 (plus kids) to Dad’s Rock, a fundraiser for Austin Music Foundation at the Mohawk on Father’s Day (Sunday, June 20th). While there, they’ll enjoy food from Frank, Tiff’s Treats, GoodPop Popsicles and Waialua Soda PLUS live music from English Teeth and mash-up artist DJ Car Stereo (Wars).

The winner (to be announced at Dads Rock) will receive:

  • Gift bag of natural toiletries from Whole Foods
  • Photoshoot with superstar Austin photographer Annie Ray
  • 2 cases of all natural Waialua Soda
  • some nuun active hydration tablets
  • and maybe another surprise or two.

Ok, so here’s your ballot. You’ve got until Sunday, June 20th, at 4PM to vote. Scroll past to read about each dad as described by the person who nominated them. Hope you have some tissue on hand, folks, cause these are effing beautiful.

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Meet Russel Golston

Russell Golston and Gray

Russell Golston and Gray

Russ is cool because he is a native Austinite, married to a native Austinite. We’re talking native coolness.

He works 60+ hours/week as a mechanic—but spends his Fridays off ignoring the motorcycle he’s restoring so he can play with his 5 month old daughter, Gray.

His first play date with her involved taking her to Guitar Center to introduce her to the wonderful world of making your own music.

His next play date involved taking her to the home brew store, to introduce her to the wonderful world of making one’s own beer.

In this picture, he’s taken her on a picnic to introduce her to the wonderful world of nature.

But it’s not all play and no work.

One play date involved taking her to go rent a carpet shampooer, then strapping her on his back while he demonstrated the importance of taking pride in a clean environment.

Russ is already showing Gray what a happy life is made of. Russ rules.


submitted by Russ’s mother-in-law, proud Austinite MAKIN’ it weird since 1960

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Meet Kevin Muñoz

hi there!

here are just some of the reasons why my husband, kevin muñoz, 27, is the coolest dad to our 4-year-old daughter, chamila rose.

Kevin Muñoz and Chamila Rose

Kevin Muñoz and Chamila Rose

  1. he takes her to school in his purple truck, her fav.
  2. he brushes her hair & braids it.
  3. he writes music & paints with her.
  4. he makes her laugh.
  5. he works so i can stay home with her.
  6. they recently pimped out a skateboard for her birthday.
  7. he takes her on bike & longboard rides.
  8. he reads to her.
  9. he makes fabulous dinner for her.
  10. every saturday morning he takes her to dance class & torchy’s taco’s for breakfast.
  11. almost every sunday they walk/bike to the farmers market.
  12. every halloween he dresses up with her.
  13. he takes her to shows. art, music, & the kids club films at the alamo drafthouse.
  14. he’ll do anything for her.
  15. he loves her.

p.s. chamila and i are out of town and still will be on father’s day. this would be such a treat for him.

thanks guys!



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Meet Natchet Taylor

Natchet Taylor is by far Austin’s Coolest Dad. Not only is he cool for pedeling folks around austin’s night life as a pedicaber, but he’s also the front man in the rock and roll band, New Disaster.

The Red Eyed Fly has seen it’s share of Natchet’s lovely 11-year old daughter (her birthday is today!) front and center at his shows. At one particularly wild show, he had the band play a Miley Cirus song dedicated to her.

Natchet takes care of his girl. He takes her on pedicab rides and makes her the best pancakes on saturday mornings. He makes her feel special, but the coolest thing about Natchet, the Dad, is his respect for his daughter. His philosophy is that kids are people, in smaller bodies. He talks to them with respect, and in return earns hers. Natchet is Austin’s coolest dad.


Natchet Taylor and Madison

Natchet Taylor and Madison

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Meet Brady Clark

There are so many reasons I could say that my husband, Brady, is the coolest dad, but the most important is how he has always put his ladies first. We have 2 daughters: a 5-year old, Ruby, and a new 3-month old, Paisley, who both worship their daddy.

Brady Clark with Ruby and Paisley

5 years ago, Brady worked as a men’s clothing designer for Billabong USA in California. Between his hours and traveling with work, my job and the chaos and traffic of Southern California, we never had any family time.

Brady took an office/9-5 job as a graphics guy for a boring turf (grass) company in Round Rock. He sacrificed a job that he loved just so he could be with us more. He still continued to do what he loved on the side when the girls and I would go to bed. That work has got him so much attention that he is now able to work for himself. He works in a studio detached from house where he is able to change diapers, make lunches and spend time with us between designing for anyone from Motley Crew to John Mayer.

He is the most talented, humble, giving, loving man and oh yeah “COOLEST DAD” I know.

Check him out at

Thank you for letting me share just a few of the coolest things about my husband,

Faith Clark

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Meet Todd Wolfmeyer

Dad: Todd Wulfmeyer (42 years)

Child: Maximillion Wulfmeyer (2 years, 9 months)

Submitter: Rebecca Rich-Wulfmeyer (wife and mother)

Nomintion Essay:

Coolest dad? Absolutely! Earrings. Tattoos. Working musician. Todd takes care of our son, Maximillion, at day and rocks at night.

What’s their day like? Drums, guitar, and bass before breakfast. Yoga. Library visit. Austin Symphony Orchestra at the park. The Boogers and Mr. Leebot. Raw or macrobiotic lunch. Long nap. Much reading. Flying baby. Jump, dive, splash swimming. Foosball at the rec center.

Have you seen them dancing at the Continental Club? Riding the BMX with Max in a backpack on Congress or at Little Stacy? Sitting on top of Todd’s shoulders shopping, walking, dancing, playing?

What really makes Todd the coolest dad is that our son’s happy, smart, fun, confident, and a delight to be around because Todd’s patient, loving and attentive with his son. Todd sticks to his principles doing his best everyday loving and teaching our son so that Max has a strong foundation for life.

Todd Wulfmeyer and Maximillion

Vote for Todd as Austin’s Coolest Young Dad 2010 in the sidebar ——->


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  1. June 17, 2010

    Fantastic post. These Dads are all freaking adorable that I just can’t stand it. They’re lucky, though. My Pops is only in town this weekend, otherwise he’d totally trounce them all.

  2. June 17, 2010

    Twitter Comment

    If I ever procreate, I want my baby’s daddy to be like these guys [link to post]

    - Posted using Chat Catcher

  3. June 17, 2010

    Thanks for selecting my fabulous son-in-law, Russell. I officially knight you with Native Austinite Soul status, on the premise that it takes one to recognize one. I grew up in (and raised my awesome daughters in) 78704…isn’t it great to live in a place so distinctively unique and glorious that it only need go by its zip code? And hey-how does Russell get his tix to Dads Rock? Will he be on a list at the door or something else? Thanks for hosting this contest…it was really great to publicly extol the virtues of a man who so thoroughly loves my precious granddaughter.

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