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How are you fighting off the record-breaking Cedar outbreak?

2011 January 6

To say I’ve got an allergy to cedar would be like saying Rick Perry just has hair. The man has a beautiful, thick, perfectly styled (almost plasticine) coif, and I have swollen, crusty eyes combined with a snot-nosed headache that prevents me from thinking.

I am, my friends, suffering from the worse case of Cedar Fever in the history of my relationship with the cursed pollen that plagues this city once a year.It’s crushing my spirit, and I’m ready to try anything.

Claritin and Zyrtec and other allergy meds can make me feel more out of it than the allergies themselves. That’s when I started looking for alternative forms of healing. Plus, part of me is skeptical of the pharmaceutical industry, so I choose to go the all natural route at The Herb Bar or Live Oak Pharmacy.

Texas Allergy Relief

When I first moved back to Austin from San Francisco, my system was not used to all the allergens in the air. I hit up the Herb Bar off of Mary and South Congress, and discovered a world of joy. The first thing they pointed me to was this Texas Allergy Relief Spray by Celletech.

The basic idea (I think) is that it takes the energetic signatures of the allergen (not the actual allergen) and helps build your system up to it. Here’s the info from the manufacturer’s site:

Research initiated in Germany in the 1960′s and 70′s showed a disruption of energetic processes in humans, animals and plants at the cellular level, due to industrial pollution and what came to be known as Acid rain. When there are environmental sensitivities we have found that it is best to start at the cellular level to begin to correct problems.

The next layer is composed of the energetic signatures for the appropriate organs. For example, in the case of Texas Allergy Relief we use Nasal Mucosa, plus Kidney and Liver. These organs help the body drain the toxins associated with the problem.

The next layer is composed of the energetic signatures for common allergens - dust, pollens and molds. The body learns to more appropriately respond to common allergens when they are given in the form of energetic signatures, or homeopathic-style form.

The combination of these various ingredients, bioenergetically blended, helps the body overcome the sensitivities at a deep cellular level.

I know it sounds hokey, but it’s worked for the past 3 seasons. Normally you “load” for 4 days, but this year I’m “loading” a little bit longer than last year. Still feeling a lot better than when I started 6 days ago.

Neti Pot

Akin to drowning, this ancient Indian method for fighting sinus congestion is pretty much amazeballs. By pouring a little teapot full of salty water up your nose, you irrigate the nasal passages and clean all that ish out of there. Although the colors coming out of your nose look like something out of an alien, you feel so good afterwards.

Photo from 2009. I'd just moved to Austin and was testing it out for the first time.

Easy breathing teas

Started this in Germany where I was extremely allergic to Linden trees. Look for something that says homeopathic. Zee Germans have been doing the homeopathic route since the middle ages, and surprisingly they really work to help clear congestion and ease breathing. Try some special blends at the Herb Bar, or pick up this boxed version from Traditional Medicinals in the natural healing section of HEB, Central Market or Whole Foods.

Soooo, yeah, all those old friends aren’t helping me out this year-especially when the pollen count looks like this:

What are you doing to fight off this INSANE onslaught of that bastard known as Cedar?

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10 Responses leave one →
  1. January 6, 2011

    Exercising outdoors year round. It has definitely lowered the severity of my allergy outbreaks.

    • January 6, 2011

      See, I used to think it worked, because I bike to work every day-and today, that’s what set me off. Hrm. GRRR

  2. Ihor permalink
    January 6, 2011

    I tried everything the last 2 years to beat cedar fever - long story short, nothing worked. So, I took a friend’s suggestion to see an allergist, get tested, and then start the long expensive process of regular allergen shots. So far this year, has worked like a charm!
    Fingers crossed…

  3. January 6, 2011

    SO, I have used everything you have tried. Sometimes it works and then some years there is nothing that will work. However, when things get so bad you just can’t take it anymore it’s time to go to the doctor and get a steroid shot. I am all about natural medicine and avoiding pharmaceuticals, and part of me thinks these are terrible. But sometimes you just got to move on and that has always happened once I got a steroid shot. Just helps your body fight off the shit.

  4. January 6, 2011

    i do the neti pot morning and night. bought the spray (hoping it works for me). i take 6 pills, 3x/day of chinese medicine for nasal congestion and chest congestion. i sleep with a humidifier on. i’ve tried acupuncture (seems to help, but way expensive). and i do ashtanga or vinyasa yoga nearly daily.

    short of moving back to san francisco, this is what’s keeping me alive in austin. :o )

  5. January 6, 2011

    Live Oak Pharmacy’s got Easy Breather made here locally by our friends at Herbalogic and it’s on sale too! Have questions about allergies? Come talk with our pharmacist or give us a call at 512-476-8979 ext. 1

  6. Angela Donato permalink
    January 7, 2011

    If you end up going to the Dr. for allergy tests, make sure they do more than just the skin test and draw blood & test your blood. The skin test is only conclusive to external agents. The blood test is a lot more comprehensive.

    Tea tree oil nose spray (found in Australia & New Zealand, I’ve never seen any here in the US) is supposed to work wonders for allergies. My cousins live in Australia & everyone there swears by it for combating allergies.

    Feel better, we are all suffering with you!

  7. January 9, 2011

    I’m so sorry you are suffering, Chris. However, I would like to give you MAD PROPS for posing with a Neti pot online.

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