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Is this subpar graffiti actually celebrating that Austin dude who is gonna be writing Superman now?

2011 January 7

Nothing chaps my (very rough) dillo hide like subpar graffiti. Seriously, it cheapens the value of street art. Tagging has set legitimate street art and artists back decades.

This week’s WTF goes to this really bad tag found on the west side of the South 1st Bridge. It’s accompanied by a bunch of crude tags that might make a more sensitive dillo blush.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe this tag has some deep inherent meaning. “Übermensch” means Superman in German. And this week, Austinite Chris Robinson was chosen to carry the flame and write for the comic book Superman. Is this actually a vibrant expression celebrating Chris Robinson’s achievement?

Chris Robinson is the newest Austinite to kick some major ass. (photo via Jay Janner/Statesman)

[UPDATE: Thanks to ROA reader Patrick O'Dell for pointing us to Nietzsche's Übermensch. Looks like we've got a literate tagger! Is he a misunderstood genius?]

[UPDATE 2: ROA reader Austin Healy sent in a photo of Übermensch tagged on the bike path on the other side of 3rd st. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!]

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