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Are these 5 pregnancy taboos worth breaking?

2010 September 9

Everybody has the right to make their own decisions about all aspects of child rearing & chopping off body parts. We’ll tell you what’s what for Team Garner. We may piss you off or we may validate your “crazy” opinions. Either way, we’re right…. for us. And you’re right for you (I feel obliged to say that but may not actually feel that way depending on your choices-but I’ll pretend for the sake of world peace). Feel free to disagree but as usual, we will make fun of judgmental people.

should you circumcise your child

Should you chop your child's salami?


We’re not chopping the salami. Why would we? Have you ever really asked yourself WHY people circumcise? It’s our belief that if you have a bar of soap, then you have no reason to slice little man’s foreskin. Not to mention, OUCH! YouTube that shit. We think circumcision is a religious tradition & if you know us, then you know that, although neither of us are atheist, we do nothing in the name of religion-especially removing a part of Baby Garner that God himself/herself/itself put there. Also with foreskin removal, he would potentially lose 30% of the sensitivity to his manhood. Pretty sure he would opt out if he could have a say in the matter.

Depression During Pregnancy

This isn’t as much controversial as it is simply not talked about nearly enough. It may be a little taboo because it’s scary & sometimes makes you think the unthinkable. I want to share my experience because it’s very important to normalize depression during pregnancy & make other women aware that they are not alone. A lot of women experience the darkness, sadness, guilt, fear, anxiety & loneliness that comes with depression during pregnancy. I certainly did. My first trimester was like a mental torture chamber & I was ready to do anything to get out of it. Yes. Anything… including abortion. I was so far gone into my depression that I had all but made the appointment. I asked other pregnant women & moms if they went through the same thing & they all said “no.” I was devastated & even more certain that I wasn’t meant to be a mom-but then ONE woman told me she could relate & that changed everything for me. I realized it was normal. It IS normal. That’s not to say that I don’t continue to have freak-outs & maddening spells of crying, but I can at least identify it as hormones & know that I’ll come out of it.


breast feeding

Organic milk may be good for you, but breast milk is best for your baby.

Just do it. Unless you have implants or an illness that won’t allow it, just do it. The benefits to your child are immeasurable & range from everything to a stronger immune system to faster metabolism to a tighter bond with mom. If you’re skipping it just because it’s uncomfortable or awkward, go see a lactation consultant & get over yourself. There are bigger things to consider here.

Cord Blood Banking

This stuff is totally out of a sci-fi movie & we’re all over it: “The future is now” & all that. You can choose to bank cord blood from your baby’s umbilical cord so that he/she can have access to his own stem cells in the future. This will allow for self-donated transplants. “Stem cells are primitive (early) cells found primarily in the bone marrow that are capable of developing into the three types of mature blood cells present in our blood - red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Cord-blood stem cells may also have the potential to give rise to other cell types in the body. Some serious illnesses (such as certain childhood cancers, blood diseases, and immune system disorders) require radiation and chemotherapy treatments to kill diseased cells in the body. Unfortunately, these treatments also kill many ‘good’ cells alongwith the bad, including healthy stem cells that live in the bone marrow…” Read more here.

Drinking during pregnancy

should you drink during pregnancy

Some folks think a glass of wine helps relax expectant mothers.

Some say yes. Some say no. Midwives are typically more pro-drink than doctors & believe it’s good for mom’s emotional well-being & stress levels. Either way, definitely steer clear your 1st trimester & you should probably even wait until your 3rd if you can find the strength. I did. I’ve only had 3 glasses of wine in the past 7 months & they’ve all been within the past 2 weeks… well into my 3rd trimester. I honestly haven’t craved booze so that’s made it easier. Some moms I’ve talked to drank a little here & there the whole way through. I didn’t simply because if Baby G came out with a droopy eye or 4 elbows, I would never forgive myself. When I have had an itch for a beer, I’ve gone for some yummy non-alcoholic brews like Clausthaler that have totally done the trick. Also, Adam has been awesome at coming up with mocktails for me so I don’t feel left out when we’re with friends. Baby partners, do this for your Mama Bear. There are similar debates over marijuana & shrooms usage during pregnancy. Just sayin’.

Don’t take our word for anything. Do your own research & make your own decisions.

So, that’s that & we’re us. You’re you & what will be will be. Just don’t go chop happy on little guy’s Mr. Happy just because “that’s what people do.” THINK about your choices. Please?

Where do YOU weigh in on these taboos?

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  1. September 9, 2010

    Twitter Comment

    ROA Are these 5 pregnancy taboos worth breaking?:

    Everybody has the right to make their own deci… [link to post] via @ATX4U

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  2. September 9, 2010

    That salami pic is pretty graphic! But, these are some good tips. The drinking while pregnant thing is pretty salient. I know women who prepare to go cold turkey for the whole 9 months and then some who swear that a glass of wine a week (or even a day) is OK. I don’t have kids myself, but this is helpful for whenever I do decide to have some.

  3. September 10, 2010

    Do they do public cord-banking in Austin now? They didn’t when we had our kids. I was interested in it, but had no interest in private banking. What a waste of dough.

    Watch out for depression in your mate as well. They’ve done a few studies on postpartum depression in men. Found it was a serious problem due to some pretty substantial hormonal changes that happen to men to make them more nuturing after birth. But it’s even less mentioned than postpartum depression in women.

    The New Testament of the Bible is actually anti-circumcision. Although I believe the leading reason for circumcision in our classes was “because I’m a Christian”. One of many baffling things about becoming a new parent.

  4. Jennifer permalink
    September 13, 2010

    Right on! I would also note to stay clear from hospitals for giving birth (unless you have a medical or high risk issue of course). It is just not necessary. Birth is one the most powerful transitions of life. It is a natural process and not a medical procedure.

    Forget training and scheduling your baby too. Stay connected to your baby after pregnancy/birth. Attachment Parenting.

    Last, When looking into the cord blood banking also consider the benefits to your baby if he/she was able to receive all of that incredibly wholesome blood that continues to flow through the umbilical cord after birth. Another option is to leave your umbilical cord and placenta attached until it is done pulsing (or some leave it until it dries up and falls off) allowing your baby to take in all the benis.

  5. Amy permalink
    September 24, 2010

    Well thats not taboo, well to me it isnt…the chopping of the man skin was something I just did and Owen was about 5 1/2- 6 months when we did it and I do now wish we wouldn’t have or would have had the option to do it earlier…but of course we didn’t, there were more pressing issues:)….the depression, I was good at masking but EVERY woman bearing a child knows what it is and has had some form or fashion of it….breast feeding…Oh man you’ll lose 30lbs breastfeeding and thank God for my wonderful husband he still finds my former milk bags, sexy as ever:0) Drinking- wine was my “sleeping pill” I had maybe 2 bottles of wine over my entire preg. and I dont regret it one bit….Love you guys!

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