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Who is stealing all of Austin’s mannequins?

2010 August 17

Uh-oh, Austin. Hide your kids! Hide your wife! Becuz they stealin erybody’s mannequins out here. No, seriously, there’s a mannequin thief on the loose! It’s particularly disconcerting because it’s also Austin Fashion Week. Thankfully, RoA has access to all of the big brother surveillance cams installed for the new VH1 Austin-wide reality show ”Do Something!” We’ve taken screengrabs of some very interesting activity that we think helps reveal the identity of the serial agalmatophilist.

Looks like he was running all over town.

Maybe he’s hiding the mannequins in the Greenbelt?


Oh wait, here he is hanging out at Barton Springs. Maybe the mannequins need a tan?


Crossing the Pede Bridge? What is this man doing?!


Get ready, folks.

We unveil the sicko in





OMG! Is that 80′s brat-packer Andrew McCarthy? Um, you would think that getting busted committing HORRIBLE acts with a Mannequin would keep him from doing it again. Guess he hasn’t been properly rehabilitated.

How should this mannequin thief be punished?

Are mannequins sexy or creepy?

Do you blush when you see a nude mannequin?

Did people take a lot of drugs to come up with 80′s movie plots?


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  1. August 17, 2010

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    haha! Who is stealing all of Austin’s mannequins? [link to post]

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