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Where would you hide a box of stolen ashes? Come on, Austin: APD needs YOUR help!

2010 June 11

Tragic news out of Austin today. A man’s ashes were stolen from a car in Austin. The family needs YOUR help. From the Statesman:

Stolen purse held man’s ashes

Charlene Postell said she can’t bury her father’s ashes next to her mother’s in Pflugerville today because his ashes were stolen from her car Thursday.

Postell was dining with her niece and nephew in the Schlotzsky’s Deli on South Lamar Boulevard for about an hour when Postell said they discovered that her niece’s Coach brand purse was missing from the passenger seat. The purse held her teenage niece’s return ticket to Massachusetts, the teen’s ID and bank card, and a small cardboard box containing the ashes, Postell said.


“We need everything back in the purse, but we are most concerned for the ashes,” Postell said, after calling the media to get the message out. “We’d take it back, no questions asked, but without the ashes, I can’t bury my father.”

Police are investigating, but she hopes someone will come forward sooner rather than later.

Good thing you are putting the media on alert, Charlene; APD seem to have a hard time solving cases. Even with video footage of the assailants, they still haven’t been able to find the men responsible for the 4th Street gay bashing earlier this year.

To do our part to help the community, we’re asking our readers:

If you were a thief, where would you hide a small box of stolen ashes? Bear in mind, the thief struck outside of Schlotzsky’s on South Lamar.

  1. In the sandbox at P. Terry’s.
  2. Under a bongo drum on the Lamar St Pede Bridge.
  3. In a fancy boutique on 2nd Street as some “within reach” avante-garde decoration.
  4. As a part of the Cathedral of Junk (if it’s not closed down).
  5. In a taxpayer-funded, super-expensive private residency in West Austin.
  6. In a Barton Hills house complaining about the noise from Shady Grove’s Thursday night show.
  7. On the East Side riding around on a fixie
  8. In CraigsList “missed connections”
  9. [your answer here]

If you find the ashes, you can return them to: Cook-Walden Capital Parks Funeral Home and Cemetery in Pflugerville. They are offering a $500 reward.

Where do you think the thief hid the ashes?

Or are they in a pawn shop?

Is this the beginning of a very morbid crime wave sweeping the city?

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  1. June 11, 2010

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    RT @ATX4U NEW POST: Where would you hide a box of stolen ashes? Come on, Austin: Help APD! [link to post] < --sand box at P. Terrys?

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  2. June 11, 2010

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    NEW POST: Where would you hide a box of stolen ashes? Come on, Austin: Help APD! [link to post]

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