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“PICTURES: El Cosmico Weekend in Marfa, October 9th-11th, 2009″

2009 October 14

ecposter2009Early last Friday morning, I packed my bags and headed to Marfa for El Cosmico Weekend.  Despite being sick, there was something alluring about camping in the desert without cell phone reception and watching some of my favorite Austin musicians perform.  Plus, we wouldn’t have to drive 6 hours; instead, we’d be taking the Marfa Bullet on its maiden voyage with several of our friends.

Marfa is kinda like Austin’s eccentric kid sister; she shares a lot of the same traits as Austin, but isn’t nearly as developed.  That lack of “civilization” means you can get away from all the cars, traffic, cell phones, Internet and sit back and see the horizon-to-horizon sky-oh, and the lack of lights means you can still see the Milky Way!  I guess that’s why so many Austinites love it.

The city’s eccentricity lies in the fact that most of the buildings in Marfa’s downtown are actually galleries with one-of-a-kind works from famous artists like Andy Warhol and John Chamberlain.  It also feels like an oasis where hippies and hipsters can set aside their differences to come together and celebrate art-kinda like Williamsburg in the desert, minus all the snarkiness and attitude.

El Cosmico Weekend is the name for the music festival that happens on Liz Lambert‘s new venture, also named El Cosmico.  Because you can rent an Airstream Trailer, a tee pee, a wigwam or just camp, it’s kinda like a campground/trailer park/Indian Village.  And with it’s semi-communal (read: you can see everyone’s business when they shower even when you are outside the enclosed but very open slatted stalls!), it has an artist’s commune type feel to it.  Like any of Liz’s other creations, she’s taken something others may have considered ugly and turned it into something magical.

The weekend is also Open House Weekend full of open galleries and parties, kinda like First Thursday on SoCo except all weekend and throughout an entire city.  There is also a baseball game between the Austin Texas Playboys and the Marfa Yonke Gallos.

After the jump, check out the pictures to see more of Liz’s El Cosmico, scenes from around Marfa and snapshots of several Austinites we ran into over the weekend.  You can also see the full set of photo’s on the Republic of Austin Flickr feed.

ALSO: WATCH our video of all the fun festivities in Marfa from El Cosmico Weekend 2009, including Chris transformed into a lion, the baseball game, and interview with Marfa artist Julie Speed and more!

Cory Ryan and Thom Hudson from Hollywood Gossip (left) and Danielle Thomas and Adam Garner from Big Green House Presents (right) onboard the Marfa Bullet

Blue Airstream trailer at El Cosmicio

One of the bathrooms at El Cosmico

Click for more pictures>>

On the Marfa Bullet



Standing in front of an installation piece made from plastic Target bags

In the fire-heated hot tub dubbed the "Human Soup Bowl" at El Cosmico

Amy Cook performs at El Cosmico



Inside El Paisano Hotel, the fancy hotel where ELizabeth Taylor, James Dean, Rock Hudson and other members of the cast of "Giant" stayed.




The Food Shark (a food trailer founded by Austinites) can be found under the Shaded Structure Tues-Friday and some Saturdays.


Food Shark's falafel, the Marfalafel, is the best EVER.


Liz Lambert and Moses


Liz Lambert and Amy Cook


Morning sky was so amazing. That big white tent thing is a wigwam.

Check out this red grasshopper! How cool is that?!

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  1. Relative of the Marfa Bullet permalink
    October 15, 2009

    Can I go next time????

  2. October 19, 2009

    Awesome blog & photos Chris! Looking forward to the next chance to party with you! :)

  3. Amy permalink
    October 22, 2009

    Just happened upon this little festival and ended up meeting a lot of the folks in these pics! What a great state y’all have. BTW, to the guy with the teepee, thanks so much for throwing a great teepee gathering.

    Next stop in Texas … Austin.


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