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“Austinites’ Fun Fun Fun Fest Picks: Danielle Thomas from Big Green House Presents”

2009 November 4

Fun Fun Fun Fest is like Austin’s little secret music festival. Everything is bigger in Texas, so a “little” music festival still means it needs a roadmap and a hand guide.  With 2 days and 4 stages, Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009 still can be overwhelming, esp if you like hip-hop, indie, punk and comedy.  We’ve asked some of our favorite peeps in Austin to help interpret the line-up by sharing their Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009 Picks!

Danielle Thomas from Big Green House Presents

Danielle Thomas from Big Green House Presents

Hmm…How would I describe Danielle Thomas, founder of Big Green House Presents? Probably something like: Big bundle of happy, big ball of energy, big smile, big fun at her parties. Besides being one of the most positive people in the Austin music scene, what I like most about Danielle and Big Green House Presents is that she doesn’t have to showboat and  plaster her name everywhere; she lets her clients shine, and the events speak for themselves.

Danielle moved to Austin from Alabama to work for SXSW.  She went on to book for the Parish and Emo’s before forming Big Green House.   One of the biggest parties she’s throws, IMHO, is the Red Bull Moon Tower Party that happens every year at SXSW. She was also one of the organizers of the Marfa Bullet, the kick-a limo bus we rode to El Cosmico in.

Her next party, Red Bull Locally Thrown, drops on December 10th at the Mohawk.  6 Local DJ’s (DJ Manny, Big Face, Odeon and more!) mixing 12 local bands (Octopus Project, Black Joe Lewis, nelo, Black and White Years, White Ghost Shivers and MORE!). And it’s all a benefit for Ian from the Riverboat Gamblers. Sounds HAWT!

Here’s what Big Green House’s Danielle Thomas has to say about Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009. Scroll down to see her Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009 picks, including times and stages.

RoA: What band are you looking forward to seeing most, and why?

DT: This is tough because I’ve worked with some killer artists from the lineup (Cool Kids, Crystal Castles, Riverboat Gamblers - to name some faves) & I wouldn’t miss their sets for the world, but I came *this close* to booking Buraka Som Sistema at Red Bull Moon Tower last year & they ended up having to cancel their trip to Austin at the last minute, so I’m beyond stoked to finally get to see them!

RoA: What’s your fondest FFFF memory?

DT: I gotta say running around with Adam [Garner of Trigger Studios] last year while he shot Fun Fun Fun on Super 8 tops the charts. People always have the most astounding reactions to a Super 8 camera & the bands really dug it. We need to set up a screening of that footage… really, really gorgeous way to experience FFF.

RoA: What do you think about the addition of the comedy stage?

DT: There was a comedy stage last year or maybe they just put comedy on a music stage… or maybe I imbibed too much & just stood there laughing at a band thinking it was comedy. Any of those are viable possibilities.

Danielle Thomas’s Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009 Picks, Simple List, by day:

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

  • The Laughing (Orange Stage, 12.35P)
  • Foot Patrol (Blue Stage, 2.35P)
  • MC Chris (Blue Stage, 4.25P)
  • The Sword (Black Stage, 5.25P)
  • Neon Indian (Blue Stage, 6.35P)
  • Yeasayers (Orange Stage, 6.45P)
  • Cool Kids (Blue Stage, 7.30P)
  • Les Savy Fav (Orange Stage, 7.35P)
  • Ratatat (Orange Stage, 8.30P)
  • The Jesus Lizard (Black Stage, 8.35P)

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

  • Black and White Years (Orange Stage, 1.05P)
  • The DJ Melee (Blue Stage, 1.30P)
  • Astronautalis (Blue Stage, 2.25P)
  • Harlem (Yellow Stage, 4P)
  • Strange Boys (Yellow Stage, 5.20P)
  • The Riverboat Gamblers (Black Stage, 5.35P)
  • The King Khan & BBQ Show (Yellow Stage, 6.15P)
  • Buraka Som Sistema (Blue Stage, 7.05P)
  • Crystal Castles (Orange Stage, 7.30P)
  • Of Montreal (Orange Stage, 8.30P)
  • Kid Sister (Blue Stage, 9P)

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  1. Roemer permalink
    November 4, 2009

    What a class act. I would vote for Danielle for mayor. I think a hot town like Austin needs a hot Mayor.

  2. Rebecca permalink
    November 4, 2009

    This write up about Danielle Thomas is totally true!!! Red Bull Locally Thrown, Dec. 10th, I’m THERE!!!!

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