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REVIEW: Austin indie-pop band Hollywood Gossip’s new album “Dear As Diamonds” is like an East Side house party. [VIDEO]

2010 June 15

For the last few weeks, I’ve been sitting on a secret. You see, I got an advance promo copy of Hollywood Gossip’s new album and I haven’t been able to talk about it until now. So let me finally say it: The album, titled “Dear As Diamonds,” is an indie pop gem.


Promo copy of Hollywood Gossip's "Dear As Diamonds"

It’s no secret: I love Hollywood Gossip. Their upbeat tunes are full of color and lean towards the playful, backyard house parties of summer-but not those boring, adult house parties. Hollywood Gossip’s party is like being 19 at an East Austin house on a Saturday night. Christmas lights around the poles. There’s a couch on the porch. Red cups and beer cans everywhere. People hula hooping in the back. Some dude just jumped off the roof onto a mattress, and that couple that is always on the verge of breaking up because they are young and don’t know what they want, yeah, they’re fighting again-oops, looks like they’ve just drunkenly made up and are now “kissing it out.” Oh, and someone’s got a crush! It’s that sort of playfulness that skips all over “Dear As Diamonds.”

Sticker from the promo copy of Hollywood Gossip's "Dear As Diamonds"

But don’t let that description make you think it’s too cutesy. Before the hooks get too poppy or the vocals get to sugary, they pull away, switch up the tempo and inject an edge to it. I mean, this house party is still an East Austin party. There’s some grit-and that guy who jumped off the roof just broke his arm.

Maybe it’s this controlled sweetness that really gives “Dear As Diamonds” its charm. Yes, the vox reminds me a lil bit of Morrissey and the playful lyrics are like the Smiths, but Johnny Marr’s glam rock guitarist cousin came over and sparkled up the tracks.  And sometimes the drum beats and bass lines remind me of that 50′s Motown Supreme’s “Baby Love” sorta pop, but then the coked up Diana Ross from the 80′s came in and changed the production to make the bass more wobbly and the drums fuzzier. Trust me, this album is not an overdose of cotton candy-there’s a lot of depth.

Earlier this year, Hollywood Gossip was nominated for a couple Roaries. For the awards show, we filmed a voyeur music video at Shangri La for “Turn It Up” off the new album “Dear As Diamonds.” It’s one of my favorite tracks on the album. Check it out:

Hollywood Gossip’s “Turn It Up”

I’m gonna go ahead and call this a summer album. “Turn It Up” and “I Can Be Right” are my favorite tracks. But don’t just take my word for it. Find out this Saturday, June 19th, at the CD Release Party at the Ghost Room.

WIN: We’re giving away CD’s on our Facebook page this afternoon. Add us and win a copy!

  • EXPERIENCE: “Hollywood Gossip CD Release!” (Saturday, 06.19.10); The Ghost Room (304 W 4th, 78701); 10P; $6 Facebook Event **First 25 peeps get FREE copy of CD.

Hollywood Gossip Dear as Diamonds CD Release Party June 2010

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  1. June 15, 2010

    Nice review, Mr. Lynn! I think you captured the energy of their album well with this description. It’s my new summer sountrack, I love driving around with “Dear as Diamonds” blaring through the speakers. And I always grin extra hard when Cory sings.

    • June 15, 2010

      Thanks, Tolly! Funny you mention Cory singing. It adds a certain angelic glee to the tracks. Makes me smile, too :)

  2. June 15, 2010

    Twitter Comment

    REVIEW: Austin indie-pop band Hollywood Gossip’s new album “Dear [link to post]

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