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Are Zombies Really Just Like Us? Austin Filmmaker and Author BJ Burrow Thinks He Knows.

2010 January 27

BJ Burrow holds his new book on Zombies "The Changed"

“Brains. BRAINS. BRAINS!!” This is the chant the mainstream media has ridiculously paired with the undead, aka zombies. Commonly portrayed as mindless drones in tattered clothes, they hypnotically walk in packs with arms raised. Sometimes they shriek and shrill in the light. Well, dear readers, after years of believing these horrible, hateful stereotypes, I have been enlightened.

Last week, I sat down for an eye-opening chat with Austin filmmaker and author BJ Burrow. In his book “The Changed,” BJ tells the story of the struggle for equal rights for the undead. According to BJ, Zombies can be senators, DJs and-shockingly-businessmen. Yes, they may smell a little rank and might occasionally lose limbs and body parts, but ultimately, they’re just like us. Oh yeah, they also don’t like to be called zombies; instead, they prefer the less hateful “changed.”

Chris interviews Austin Author BJ Burrow

I was either saying "BRAINS!" or I had to poo.

If you like dark, witty comedy, go get the book “The Changed” from Book People or at Amazon! It’s hilarious and is a good modern pairing with “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” [COMMENT FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A COPY OF THE BOOK!]

You also  might want to check out BJ’s movie “Natural Selection.” Filmed around Austin, this SyFy channel movie features David Carradine (!!) and the Hotel San Jose before it was restored. You can get it on Amazon or Netflix OR WATCH IT THIS THURSDAY for a special 10th Anniversary screening at Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek.

BTW: In the video we talk about a book signing. That happened last week. Sadly, with no Internet at new or old house AND extremely slow U/L speeds at coffee shops, I couldn’t post the video last week :(

WATCH: In the video, below, Chris and BJ talk about zombies in our midst, how the Z word is the new N word, and zombie-human threesome sex?!?!

SNATCH: Grab “The Changed” or “Natural Selection” from Amazon

EXPERIENCE: AFF Presents the 10th Anniversary Screening of “Natural Selection”; Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek (13729 Research Blvd); Thursday, Jan 28th, 2009 at 7.30P, FREE for AFF members/ $4 for regular folk.


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  1. Eric Marshall permalink
    January 27, 2010

    David Carradine and a “grungy” Hotel San Jose? I am all over it. Like a zombie on fresh, succulent brains.

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