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Which online coupon site offers the best deals for Austin?

2010 September 20

The newest trend in saving money is evident in the rise in the number of online coupon sites: Groupon, Eversave, Living Social, and Localiter-just to name a few.  This past week I analyzed each site’s offers each day to figure out which one was the best.  Here’s a round-up of deals for the week of September 13 - 19.


Monday - 50% off Mad Cakes

Tuesday  - 50% off Brazlilan Blowout at Cristina’s Hair Designs

Wednesday - 50% off food at Apothecary

Thursday - 51% off membership to Mexic-Arte Museum

Friday - 67% off dermatology services at eOs med spa

Saturday - 55% off exterior power wash from Texas Painting Company

Sunday - 67% off Wine Insiders online store

My Thoughts

  • Good variety of goods and services offered this week
  • I enjoyed the witty writing that accompanied each deal
  • Except for Sunday’s offering, all local companies


Monday - 50% off Life Cafe

Tuesday- 60% off Brow Wax at Blue Lotus

Wednesday - 50% off Adventure kayak or bicycle tour from Gliding Revolution

Thursday - 66% off round of golf at Hyatt Regency’s Lost Pines Resort

Friday - 50% off unlimited boot camp classes at Fitness for Mind and Body

Saturday - 50% off Arthur Murray dance lessons

Sunday - 50% off Pro Soccer tickets

My thoughts

  • Visually, not as appealing as the others.
  • Offers “bonus saves” which were actually deals to be offered later in the week
  • This week was heavy with “activites” - golf, boot camp, dancing, soccer ticket

Living Social

Monday - 2 for $24 at Texas Sphere Ride

Tuesday - $60 Chemical Peel from Austin Dermatology Associates

Wednesday - 50% off house cleaning from Aroma-Chic

Thursday - $30 for unlimited yoga at Yoga Plus

Friday - $70 for two jet ski rentals from Just for Fun

Saturday - $50 for four airbrush tans from Aruba Tan

Sunday - $14 for oil change at Arbor Autoworks

My Thoughts

  • Good variety of services offered
  • No food or drink offers
  • I enjoyed the witty writing that was with each offer


Monday - 50% off Izzoz Tacos

Tuesday - $30 for Microderm abbrasion and brow and lip wax at Amy’s Skin Care

Wednesday - 50% off Guitar lesson from Charlotte Adams

Thursday - $60 for one month of High Heel Boot Camp at Tusa Fitness

Friday - 50% off Lovely Austin boutique

My Thoughts

  • Love, love, love the fact that ALL the coupon sites could be found on one page!
  • It’s a local company
  • Good mixture of food, services, and goods
  • No deals offered on Saturday and Sunday, buy you could still buy Friday’s deal

Overall, I was impressed by the availability of local business that each site offered and the variety of deals.  With the exception of the weekend offerings, they were all local businesses.  I also found it interesting that practically each day had a “theme.”  I’m curious to see if that’s a weekly thing.

Austin’s Best Coupon Site?

So, which coupon site was my favorite? Localiter!  The ability to see all the deals for each site, coupled with the variety they offered at their own site, made it a winner.  And, any site that brags, “Founded in Austin,” on its home page has to get some love.

[UPDATE: You might try Dealize, a site by an Austin-based company that aggregates all the coupon sites! Thanks, Jeremiah Newton, for the tip!]

What’s your favorite coupon site?

Which coupon page do you think offers the best deals in Austin?

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5 Responses leave one →
  1. Scot permalink
    September 20, 2010

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg . . .

    There’s also

    The only one I’ve bought from is Groupon and their emails seem to be the most “eye catching” to me.

  2. September 20, 2010

    Amazed didn’t make it so many amazing deals sometimes up to 4 a day :P As always though I love your guy’s articles….. We know how I love to save money and keep informed at the same time :)

    • Rachel Naugle permalink
      September 20, 2010

      Localiter has that site linked to their’s. I guess I don’t pay so much attention to that one since I don’t eat out for lunch, but I have to forget that my readers do, so thanks for the comment. Glad you love us! <3

  3. Austinite permalink
    September 21, 2010

    I like - they compile all the deals from the daily deal sites and have lots of other posts about free/cheap stuff.

  4. November 18, 2010


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    Basically, instead of paying the full price upfront for a deal, all you need to do now is pay a small portion, like a down-payment. Less commitment, less risk, etc.

    We are also offering deals that allow you to save a sale. For example, for $5, you will get a 50% off coupon at a local boutique or something cool online. Hope you like our changes.

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