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Chicken attacks penguin in a furry fight on SoCo! [VIDEO]

2010 August 5

Today is First Thursday on South Congress-and what in my InBox this morn should appear, but a funny viral video about a fight on SoCo with folks in mascot gear. Yup, a reader sent in a new video from Austin director Marko Slavnic. And I have to say, I kinda like it.

The video, shot on SoCo, involves two mascots (one a chicken, the other a penguin) fighting to get customers into neighboring sandwich shops.  The mascots come to fisticuffs that lead to a surprise unmasking. It’s a cute video-and seeing how the facade of New Bohemia was converted into the two sandwich shots is a def bonus! Check it out:

Chicken Vs Penguin by  Marko Slavnic

And while you’re down on South Congress this evening, head over to Jo’s Coffee, where our friends from South Side Sanctuary and Sneak Attack will be hawking their wears and kicks. There will also be a live performance from frenzy-inducing Austin band Soul Mind. Oh yeah, and a bouncy castle!!!


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  1. August 5, 2010

    Twitter Comment

    ROA VIDEO: Chicken attacks penguin in a furry fight on SoCo!:

    Today is First Thursday on South C… [link to post] via @ATX4U

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  2. August 5, 2010

    Twitter Comment

    This just adorable. “VIDEO: Chicken attacks penguin in a furry fight on SoCo!” [link to post]

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