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The Big Tex Seasonal Diet-8 tips to help Mama Earth get your body ready for summer.

2010 March 30

Grapefruits are in season for one more month, take advantage!

The roommate and I were discussing a strategy to get ready for summer and Barton Springs swim season while weeding the back yard.  We’ve been clearing a space for our new veggie garden, and as we dirtied our hands Amy said, “If only everyone knew how much eating seasonal foods helps local markets, the environment, AND our bodies! “  She’s such a cutie pie.  Seconds later, she admitted that she actually doesn’t know what’s in season in Texas (she’s from the great state of Vermont).

So we decided to come up with a plan that would allow us to be good to the earth and get into tip top shape.  It’s pretty simple.

The Big Tex Seasonal Diet and Life Style Plan:

  • Eat mostly fruits and veggies, and EAT WHAT’S IN SEASON
  • Your food shouldn’t travel more than you do.  So if choosing between Texas grown strawberry or one from California, go with Texas.
  • Support your Local Farmers Market
  • If you must eat meat, make smart purchases (free-range, grass fed & free of hormones)
  • Drink mostly water, hydration is key
  • Bike more than you have been, and definitely bike to get your seasonal veggies!
  • Garden!  If you live in an apartment complex, ask your landlord for allotted space to create a community garden.  No space?  I know you have a roof, plenty of shine up there.
  • Pick up a physical activity if you don’t already have one.  We’re not gym folk, so we’re doing backyard yoga

Agave nectar from Houston serves as a healthier sugar substitute

It may all sound obvious, but I find it’s easier to eat well and resist the temptation to cave when I say I’m on a diet.  The grand idea is to be more conscious of your body in connection with the earth.  If you eat out and see a menu item with watermelon in depths of January, that should set off a red flag.

We’re using Pick Your Own’s Monthly calendar to help guide us along.

What are some seasonal eating tips that you can pass along to your fellow Austinites? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on our Facebook page!

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  1. March 30, 2010

    I friend of mine just informed me of which is a bi/weekly produce delivery service of locally grown products.
    They send you a plethora of whatever is in season, as well as a list of other produce/cheese/meats you might want and it all gets delivered to your front door.

    That should help with eating within the season and locally! :)

  2. Philip permalink
    April 1, 2010

    There’s an interesting post over at the Health Journal Club that makes the case that people should just not eat anything that wasn’t a food 100 years ago. Gets rid of the aspartame, bleached GM flour, high fructose corn syrup garbage they try to pass off as food these days. If interested you can read on it here,

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