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Saw this fox on my bike ride to work. [PICTURE]

2010 November 16

Man, my Fun Fun Funk turned into Black Stage Lung, and I was laid flat out from Friday until this morning. And while I may have felt like I was on my deathbed all weekend, I’m happy to be alive-unlike this fox I encountered on my ride to work last week.


He was lying on the side of the access road on southbound MOPAC right before Barton Springs Rd. Blood still wet, I’m pretty sure he’d been hit just a little bit before I pulled up. There wasn’t any noticeable serious trauma. It looked the fall killed him.

When they’re alive, you never get to get too close to a fox. When you see them, it’s just for a second before they bound off into the forest. Getting close to this one activated a childlike wonder. He looked so peaceful, kinda like he was sleeping, that I wanted to reach down and pet him. I kept waiting for him to start breathing. And even though I knew he was dead, there was still a bit of fear that he’d wake up and bite me.

Sometimes death can be a gruesome thing. In this case, however, there was something delicate and sacred. It felt like I’d witnessed the fox changing state and passing from this realm to the next. It was a beautiful experience that reminded me death can come at any time.

Every moment we have is precious. Tell the special people in your life that you love them. This moment is a blessing.

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