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Do these pictures document the first large-scale planking in Austin?

2011 May 23

Confession: For the last 7 weeks, I’ve been working on a project in San Francisco. It’s been pretty rough writing about Austin-especially when I wasn’t actually here. Getting back to our beloved city this weekend, it took no more than a scan of Facebook to find my first post back: Planking in Austin!!

Yes, the photo trend that’s taking the InterWebs by storm, planking, has finally graced our glorious shores. Starting in Australia and New Zealand earlier this spring, planking involves making your body like a board by lying on your stomach with your hands at your sides. The object is to plank in the most absurd places.

Say what you will about the trend, but there’s something about seeing someone lying on top of a box of watermelons that makes me chuckle. And I’m particularly fond of the look the lady has on her face in the W’s bar. She must be from out of town. Take a look:

Planking around Austin

Do these photos document the first large-scale planking in Austin?

How many locations can you name?

Have you planked any where around the city?

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  1. May 23, 2011

    OMG these are so hilarious,… We may have to snap some photos ourselves. Whats up in SF?! Would SO love to be there!!

    • May 23, 2011

      Hey Amber:

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Was in SF for work-but that is over. It was fun, but I love Austin too much to be gone that long!!

      Let me know when you post them! :)

  2. May 24, 2011

    Um, dude, if it’s only two guys doing the planking, calling it “large scale” is a bit of a stretch.

    Don’t ya think?


    • May 24, 2011

      The large-scale was more in reference to the amount of ground they covered, not the number of peeps! :)

      Based on this post, looks like there’s some organizing of something more flash mob like!

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