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Amy Cook sings ‘Strange Birds’ in a backyard in Travis Heights. [MUSIC VIDEO]

2010 April 8

Our “Voyeur Video” series is a lot like porn for music lovers. Shot in one take at locations around the city, the videos are intimate and not like traditional live performances. Enjoy!

Amy Cook performs 'Strange Birds' off the album Let The Light In

At Republic of Austin, we love Austin singer/songwriter Amy Cook. We had a great time chatting with her about the art of storytelling in music. Last December we waxed poetically about her new album. And she’s even graced our banner. That’s why we’re really effing delighted we got the chance to shoot a Voyeur Music Video with her.

Ari and I both have crushes on Amy, so we were a little giddy when she invited us to her studio. Perched in a backyard in Travis Heights, the building that houses Amy’s studio was originally the tax collector’s office back in the day. There’s something magical about the space-in fact, Amy told us she’s constantly having to trim back the ivy that grows up from the floor.

For the video, we chose “Strange Birds,” one of my favorite songs on the album. Since the taping was really intimate, it was hard not to get overwhelmed. Plus, her voice is so captivating that I nearly forgot I was shooting.  Watch in the video for the point when Amy looks directly into the camera. It gives me chills.

Catch Amy in full splendor TONIGHT (April 8th, 2010) in the courtyard at the Hotel San Jose at 6PM for a FREE show at 6PM. Playing with the Tosca Quartet, it will be a great way to celebrate the release of the new album and experience Amy in the heart of South Austin.

Amy was a nominee for Best Female Musician at our Austin music awards show the RoariesAlso, her new album, Let The Light In, was officially released this week. You can purchase it on Amazon or at the music retailer of your choice.

WIN: We’re giving away autographed copies of Let the Light In. Head over to our Facebook Fan Page at 1PM today to find out how!

Amy Cook “Strange Birds” off of Let The Light In

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