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Academy Award-nominated Austinite Susan Tyrrell talks about sex, art and gangsta rap.

2010 May 27

In this country, we have these crazy ideas that people over 60 never think about sex. Hell, we don’t even allow them to be sexy. As sex week at RoA continues, we want to spotlight a woman in her mid-60′s who defies both of these stereotypes, actress Susan Tyrrell.

Susan Tyrrell art

Chris chats with Susan Tyrrell about her Kama Sutra-inspired paintings.

Nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in 1971′s “Fat City,” Susan Tyrrell’s career has spanned more than half a decade. Y’all probably remember her as Ramona Ricketts in John Water’s movie “Cry Baby.” And if you’re a film geek, you’ll also know her as the Queen in Danny Elfman’s cult-classic “Forbidden Zone.”

A recent immigrant to Austin, Susan, affectionately called SuSu by her friends, is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Although in her mid-sixties and in a wheelchair, she radiates classic Hollywood glamour and beauty. And while age may have slowed her down physically, this powerful woman is still as sharp and witty as someone a fraction of her age.

When SuSu tells you stories of days gone by, it’s like listening to a True Hollywood story. Her father was an agent at the William Morris Agency. Johnny Depp threw her a benefit party. She’s even smoked with N.W.A. (Incidentally, she’s a huge fan of gangsta rap).

When SuSu showed me her art work, I was blown away. With African, Aboriginal and Indian influences, the paintings have a strong ethnic feel. The colors are vibrant and bright. But most striking are the strong sexual themes.

Some people might be offended by the artwork shown in the video: Animals have oversized sex organs; men and women pleasure themselves (alone and together); and inflammatory words like “dyke” and “fag” cover portraits of same-sex couples. But, for me, the overarching message found in Susan Tyrrell’s work is to enjoy life, love and each other.

WATCH: In the NSFW 4-minute video, Susan talks to us about some of her pieces, including Martha Stewart with a dildo, a female elephant with a large va-jay and the same-sex triptych.

Susan Tyrrell Art

Susan talks to Chris about her same-sex triptych, and explains the message of love found in the words of hate.

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  1. hank permalink
    May 27, 2010

    Check out this great interview, too, from KOOP’s Slappy Pinchbottom’s Odd Preoccupation!:

  2. May 30, 2010

    Hooray for Susu! I love this. Can it be Sex Week every week, please? How about a weekly sex column? Mmm-hmm!

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