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5 Austin Snowpocalypse 2011 photos from our Instagram friends.

2011 February 7

The amazing weather we had this weekend pretty much wiped out all memories of last week’s snowpocalyptic weather. Biking around over the weekend, it was actually hard to believe that our fine city, blanketed in a beautiful layer of snow, was brought to a standstill for a few hours on Friday. And while the snow may be melted, the memories still live digitally on my new favorite social network, Instagram.

Not on Instagram yet? You’re missing out. It’s like Hipstamatic (retro-style) photos meet Flickr meet tumblr. If you’re on, find me! I’m socialTNT.

On Friday, I asked some of my favorite Instagram friends for their snow day pics. Here are my 5 favorite photos from Austin’s Snowpocalypse 2011:

5. Neiliyo’s shoes in the snow

Electro-funk singer neiliyo took this pic. I love it, because it’s totally him. The shoes are super preppy, and I can imagine him busting out some wicked fly dance moves in the snow.

Neiliyo Austin Snow Day 2011 pic

4. Cameron Cooper’s deserted street.

I loved this photo by Cameron Cooper. She really captured the post-snowpocalyptic feel of isolation. Everything is at a standstill, and there’s something wonderously gloomy about the scene. Hurry and get to your house, Cameron. The zombies are coming.

Cameron Cooper Ausitn Snow Day 2011 Pic

3. Amber Demure’s existential snowy twig.

There’s something very esoteric in this picture from Amber Demure. Caught in a delicate balance, the snow is on the verge of melting, and its existence in solid form is quickly coming to an end. Is it sad? Are we sad? It’s like a French New Wave film.

Amber Demure Austin Snow Day 2011 Picture

2. Amber Demure’s doggy snowday.

On Friday, my Facebook feed was blowing up with people talking about how their pet liked/didn’t like the snow. I don’t have a pet, but if I did, this is the kind of picture I imagine I would take of my dog. The amount of snow to dog ration in this pic really piques my sense of wonder and exploration. It’s like I AM LEGEND: In the human-zombie struggle in the post-apocalytptic world, your dog is your only living friend-until he gets infected.

My “pet-snow pic” of a stuffed Garfield didn’t seem to capture that.

AMber Demure Snow Day Austin 2011 Picture

1. Hawk Thompson’s lone rooster.

In this picture from Hawk Thompson, a lone rooster surveys the aftermath of the snowpocalypse. When the End of Days comes, only roaches and zombies will survive. And until the zombies eat us all, we will have to farm our own food. Those of us in the ’04 or in East Austin know this already, and have prepared accordingly. This picture TRULY embodies that beloved aspect of Austin :)

Hawk Thompson Snow Day Austin 2011 Pic

What pictures do YOU think embody Austin’s Snowpocalypse? Share! (And if you haven’t seen this photo taken from a highrise of Austin covered in snow, it’s amazeballs.)

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  1. Steve Stedman permalink
    February 7, 2011

    Here’s a wee snow fella captured during a neighborhood reconnaissance trek:

    • February 7, 2011

      Love the pic, Steve! Thanks for sharing. So cool that you guys had enough snow to make a snow man. There was only enough at my place to do snow angels!

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