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4 Alternative Congressional Redistricting Maps for Travis County [HUMOR]

2011 June 1

Y’all may have read that the Republicans at the Capitol have proposed new Congressional Redistricting maps. Here’s what it looks like state-wide:

I’ll let the Texas Tribune explain the plan:

The current delegation has 32 members, 23 of of them Republicans. The new map puts all of those Republicans into safe districts (two of the current incumbents were elected in districts that previously belonged to Democrats), puts one Democrat into hostile territory and adds the two new seats. It’s designed to elect 26 Republicans and 10 Democrats to Congress.

It’s getting a lot of criticism state-wide because it’s splitting the African American and Latino votes:

“A plan that splits and packs the 2.1 million African Americans and Latinos in Dallas and Tarrant Counties to provide us only one effective voice in Congress is not just illegal, it’s wrong,” [Representative Mark] Veasey said.

The new plan also divides Travis County into 5 districts:

This splits Travis County up in a way that gives us no real representation. And when you look at the larger map, you can see that these districts go into some pretty conservative territory. Hell, one district stretches all the way to Harris County.

Looking at the map, it’s interesting to note that the cities are all split up in a fractal sort of swirl. Although those look like something someone drew while tripping on acid, they are actually completely calculated to keep us under Republican control.

To help our fine congressfolk with the redistricting process, we’ve come up with our own arbitrarily drawn maps. Check ‘em out:

Four Alternative Congressional Redistricting Maps for Texas 2011:

The Perrymandering Map:

The ultimate homage to Governor Hair, this map is Perrymandering at its finest:

The Chronic Plan:

Everyone outside of Austin thinks we’re a bunch of pot smoking hippies. To represent that, here’s a map that splits up our fair county in a hella blazed way:


The Middle Road:

Let’s be honest: The Republicans at the Capitol really could give a flying eff about Travis County. In fact, this plan is just flipping us the bird. Why not actually illustrate that sentiment through redistricting?


The Penal System:

After the recent MASSIVE $4 Billion cut in education spending, does it feel Governor Hair is shafting us? Well now is his chance to commemorate what he’s done to our great state-but it looks like that little guy needs a stimulus package!

Build Your Own

Share your ideas! Make your own redistricting map by using this county cut out:

Is the new redistricting fair?

Will Travis County be properly represented in DC?

How much does Rick Perry actually spend on hair care Products?


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