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Turn Your Trash Into A Fruit Bowl.

2010 February 2

Toilet paper rolls ripe for a little creative recycling

The other day I was sipping coffee with some friends at Jo’s, when I was asked what suggestions I had for condo/apartment lodgers who don’t have a recycling program in place at their complex. Since I now live in a house, I had almost forgotten how frustrating and time consuming recycling can be if it’s not as easy as taking it out to your curb.

Flashback to college: If you weren’t an eco-warrior, it wasn’t very fun being my roommate. The bins in our kitchen took up a lot of space.  And we would wake up early to sort our recycling at Ecology Action, the recycling center, on the way to school.

But that lifestyle doesn’t work with everyone. First off, if the recycling center isn’t part of your normal route, don’t start driving out of your way to Ecology Action to recycle.  Because you are expending more energy than saving, it’s counter productive and ecologically irresponsible.

Instead, I encourage creative recycling.  My dad is the king of creative recycling.  For example, when my brother was a baby, he used his Gerber baby food jars to organize his nails and screws.  He would glue the cap to the bottom of his shelves so he could easily twist them off and access the right size nail.  Why buy tupperware when your deli meat container or butter container will suffice?

How to turn your toilet paper rolls into a fruit bowl:

    Paper rolls into fruit bowl!

  1. Save all your toilet paper and paper towel rolls.
  2. Cut them in different sizes between 2 to 5 inches… or whatever you feel like!  Be an architect!
  3. Paint them.
  4. Glue them together however ya want.
  5. Balance fruit on the paper towers, and Violá: You have an unconventional fruit bowl!

SHARE: How do you use your trash as treasure? Let us know your creative uses for recyclables!

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