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How to Win a Year of Free Pizza at Home Slice.

2010 January 12
Home Slice Pizza Hans on an Eggplant Sub 2009

"Giselle Muñoz competes in the Hands on an Eggplant Sub Contest at Home Slice Pizza"

Y’all know I love food. In fact, I’m known to partake in acts of total food gluttony (Don’t believe me? Check out the food orgy that was the Sugar Mama’s Pie Eating Contest).  And while it may be crazy to shovel massive amounts of food into one’s mouth, it’s not nearly as crazy as NOT eating food-but that’s precisely what today’s guest, Seth Mazow, is most famous for.

For the last two years, Seth has won Home Slice Pizza’s Hands on an Eggplant Sub Contest [Check out Seth's kick-A journal of his free pizza eating escapades over at his blog, Year of the Pizza].  Modeled after the cult documentary “Hands on a Hard Body,” contestants try to outlast their competition in a battle to keep one hand planted on a giant sub sandwich. Unlike normal food contests where the fastest eater wins, the winner of this contest is she who lasts the longest.

Check out these rules:

Home Slice Pizza Hands on an Eggplant Sub Rules

This year Seth competed with his fiance, Erin.  Together, they stood with hands in sub for 30 hours-and part of that included overnight is SUB-ZERO temps! I suppose if you can survive 30 freezing hours soaking in marinara sauce, then 30 years of marriage shouldn’t be that bad, right? Congrats Seth and Erin! I wonder if Home Slice will make them a special wedding pizza…

WATCH: In the video, below, Seth tells us about his experience, including more on his strategy and the tale of the drunken crazy SUV driver that tried to run the contestants down!

SEE: Check out all of our pics from the Home Slice Carnival of Pizza 2009 on our Facebook Page.

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  1. January 12, 2010

    I visited Seth and Erin to cheer them on and was minutes away from witnessing their victory. I’m so happy for them :-)

  2. January 13, 2010

    Hey Jodi:

    I know! I biked by at 1.30 in the morning, and they were still out there. Reminded me of someone holding vigil or something. I would never be able to have that sort of will power. TOtally commend them!

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