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Austinites Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 Picks: Ian Orth and Jeramy Neugent from bomb party service Learning Secrets.

2010 November 4

Fun Fun Fun Fest is like Austin’s little secret music festival. Everything is bigger in Texas, so a “little” music festival still means it needs a roadmap and a hand guide.  With 3 days and 4 stages, Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 may be the funningest festival ever–especially if you like electronic, indie, hip-hop, metal and comedy.  And since the festival includes more emerging artists than you can shake a stick at, it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve asked some of our favorite peeps in Austin to help interpret the line-up by sharing their Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 Picks!

Ian Orth and Jeramy Neugent from Learning Secrets (photo by Jenifer DeVito)

For almost SEVEN years now, Austin’s Learning Secrets has been dropping parties with some of the world’s top DJs and electronic artists headlining. With duo Ian Orth and Jeramy Neugent at the helm, Learning Secrets has done their part to keep Austin’s dancefloors dust free. As we discovered when we challenged them to a game of Taboo, these guys are also pretty goofy. Their picks for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 are no exception.

If you were ever a skater (or dreamed of being one cause your mom was totes LAMESAUCE) then you’ll love their picks.

Learning Secrets Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 Picks

1. Descendents
ian: I really couldn’t put into words how excited I am that Graham was able to put this together! The only way I can truly have my feelings understood is by stage diving during the set, something which I haven’t done since 1996. People are gonna be bummed when they have 6′ 7″ of man jumping on them, but I won’t care, Descendants is one of my top 5 favorite bands of all time.

jeramy: I was a skateboarder in the 80′s. Back when it was all about the “party in the front, military in the back” haircut, Jimmy’Z velcro shorts, Vision Street Wear shoes, Bones Brigade whatever, and, um, THE DESCENDENTS!  Need i say more? I’ll be the guy in the crowd wearing sunglasses and balling his eyes out.

2. Delorean
ian: well, aside from putting out one of the best records of 2010 they have one of the most obvious band names in the world for a dance act. We’re super stoked to have these guys DJing at our after party on Saturday night. Yes that’s a plug.

jeramy: They put out my favorite album this year, ‘Subiza’. It’s weird; I feel like people are still unaware of these guys. It’s like if Cut Copy, Animal Collective, and Lo-Fi-Fnk were to make a band. So, super, good!!! Looking forward to hearing what they’ll be spinning on Saturday at our party. Plug #2

3. Weird Al Yankovic
ian: Um, duh. I think I’m a clone now, so I’m going to eat it til I get fat. If he just does one of his polka medley’s my year will be complete!

jeramy: really just want to be able to tell my kids that i saw Weird Al, if i can ever meet a girl likes me enough to make some… :’(

4. Suicidal Tendencies
ian: Growing up skateboarding I had a quarter pipe in my drive way, and I would put a tiny jam box behind the ramp. I would blast Metallica, Descendants, and Suicidal Tendencies tapes all day long while I repeatedly did kick turns over and over on the ramp thinking I was part of the Bones Brigade. Dork.

jeramy: True story: When i was about, 11 or so, i walked out into the living room at like 1am where my older brother, Jason, was watching Night Flight on USA. Yes, I’m old. It was past my bedtime but i think i just wanted to annoy my brother ’cause that’s what little brothers do. Well, as soon as i walked up, Night Flight started showing the Suicidal Tendencies video for “Possessed to Skate”. I had never heard this genre before but new instantly that I would use my allowance on a skateboard. check! then start a punk band, check! First skateboard, Variflex Voodoo. First band, Deformed Pig Sperm. The rest is history.

5.  Slick Rick
ian: The dude made putting out records while your in jail cool way before Lil’ Wayne. I mean, Slick Rick shot two dudes and spent 5 years in Rikers Island!  I’m honestly more excited about this than anything. This guy is a legend and the fact that more people aren’t stoked about Slick Rick playing is shocking to me.

jeramy: Rick the Ruler! His song “La-Di-Da-Di” was THE! hit when I was an 8yr old breakdancer. I remember thinking it was even better than Newcleus’ “Jam On it”, if that says anything. But basically, when he came out of nowhere with his first two singles it made everyone who listened to Rap forget about everything else for a moment. It was just so different and so fucking good! I could maybe swap this one with #3.

6. Washed Out
ian: Naming your band to sound exactly like your music is very smart. Having your band name come to explain an entire genre, now that’s very baller.

jeramy: i’ve only heard the record once but its super super good.

7. Snapcase
ian: I really wouldn’t even know where to start with this band. They’re amazing live. I remember a friend in High School put their first EP on a mix tape for me and I listened to those songs so many times that I literally wore the tape out.

jeramy: best live hardcore band i ever done saw. i will be standing nowhere near the pit during their set because i’m not ready to die.

8. Cap n Jazz
ian: In high school I listened to Cap N’ Jazz religiously. There was nothing like it at the time really. I felt like listening to them made it ok that I wasn’t cool, and was super nerdy, because, I mean, just look at these guys.

jeramy: This is all ian.

9. Nortec Collective
ian: That’s all jeramy.

jeramy: They’re from Tijuana. Duh!

10. Air Sex Contest

ian: It’s like an instructional video, and I love instructions.

jeramy: Ian, you need instructions! ooooh burn! Really though. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet that special someone.

The guys are throwing what looks to be a kick-a Fun Fun Fun Fest Afterparty on Saturday. With a DJ set from Delorean and JACQUES RENAULT plus some rocktastic bands, you probs dont wanna miss it.

EXPERIENCE: “Disco vs. Rock N Roll : An Official FunFunFun Fest After Party” (Saturday, 11.06.10); Beauty Bar (617 E 6th St, 78701); 9P-3A; $5 with FFF Fest Wristband/ $10 w.o. 21+ Facebook Event


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