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“Talking Fashion with Doyle & Debbie at the Long Center”

2009 July 17
Chris backstage with Doyle and Debbie

Chris backstage with Doyle and Debbie

It’s Fashion Week in Austin.  For some, nothin says haute couture like honky tonks, rhinestones and mudflap girls.  With that in mind, we  got dressed up in the fanciest vintage country outfits (courtesy of Lucy in Disguise) and trekked over to the Long Center to chat with  Doyle & Debbie about their unique fashion sense.

Not familiar with Nashville’s hottest sweatheart duo?  Let me let you in on a little secret: They’re actually a parody of Country Western greats like Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, George Jones and Johnny Cash.  With lines as campy and quotable as cult classics like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Best in Show, it’s no surprise that they have a a huge following back in Nashville.  The humor is so subtle that when you get it, it’s hard not to completely LOL.  This is the comedy that Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
wanted to be, but didn’t have the balls to be.

Doyle wears a mudflap girl on an American flag

Doyle wears a mudflap girl on an American flag

Growing up in Texas, it’s hard to not be exposed to Country music at some point.  Most of us decide by High School whether we like it or not (Confession: I’m a quadruple-D Dolly Parton fan).  Some don’t like the cliched themes (my wife left me, my dog died, I’m a drunk, women are baby factories, America: eff yeah!). Others think the whine-and-twang singing style is silly.  Since The Doyle & Debbie Show parodies both, even country haters will love this ingenious spoof. [Check out their YouTube page for songs like "Fat Women in Trailers" "I Ain't No Homo (But Man You Sure Look Good to Me)" and "When You're Screwing Other Women (Think of Me)."]

The Debbie & Doyle Show is at the Long Center through this Sunday night. You can purchase tix here.

In today’s 3-minute video, try to spot the following:

Debbie and Doyle give Chris some Fashion Tips

Debbie and Doyle give Chris some Fashion Tips

  • Debbie giving Chris Country Western fashion tips
  • Ruby nipples
  • Chris all gussied up
  • A steer breakin Debbie’s heart
  • Subtle comedic hilarity

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