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“Bubbles and Boots Party at the Long Center: Sippin Champagne with Debbie Sheffield”

2009 September 2

Chris and Debbie Sheffield wash down some Fois Gras

Champagne, to me, is kinda like a supermodel: She’s got a curvacious bottle, dancing bubbles, and there’s something really sensual about that “pop!” A night with her is exciting and fun, so I’ll do anything to get with her.

And so it was last week when Jasmine and I hit up the Long Center for Bubbles and Boots, a celebration to kick off the 25th Annual Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival.  I mean, how could I pass up an event that featured 10+ sparkling wines from around the world and food tastings from some of Austin’s top chefs?

Hot boots and sexy stilletos at Bubbles and Boots

So, yeah, I got wasted sipped champagne and hung out with one of the sassiest Hill Country socialites: Debbie Sheffield, former Board President of the Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival AND wife of Ralph Sheffield, TX State Rep.  And if they ever shoot a Real Housewives of Austin, they better include her; she’s witty, funny, and by golly, don’t ever call her Shirley! Her bubbly personality paired well with the, um, bubbly [Sorry. Had to! :) ]

WATCH: In the 3-minute video, Debbie joins us as we sample champagnes and chow down on some amazing treats. Does Chris start slurring his words?


Chris and Debbie share a laugh

Picture 50

Clink clink!

Picture 62

Jasmine samples some sparkling wine!

Picture 63

Slow down, buddy! You're supposed to SIP it!

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