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Our 5 Favorite Video Blog Posts from 2009

2010 January 3

We’ve done a lot of videos this year.  It was hard to choose, but here are 5 of my favorites for your enjoyment.  Also, If you like these vids, check out our most popular videos on life, art, music and people in Austin.

“Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop Birthday Party and Pie Eating Contest: Yeah, It Got Messy.”

This video was one of the funnest to make. I mean, what’s NOT fun about stuffing your face with effing good pies-well, except the stomach ache. When editing the video, I wanted to convey the same sort of sugar high that I had after eating three pies and tons of birthday cake.  The indulgence of a pie eating contest also reminded me of porn, so I wanted to music and editing to be a lil like food porn. Enjoy! [Read the full post on Sugar Mama's Bakeshop's Pie Eating Contest]

“August 6th, 2009: Sights, Sounds and People First Thursday on South Congress”

During the summer, First Thursday on South Congress is one of the best places to hear some kick-A buskers, meet Austin artists and just walk around experiencing the beauty of this city. When we shot this video, it was such a gorgeous summer evening. The heat wave had broken, so the crowds were out en masse. Editing the video, I wanted to throw in as much music from the buskers as possible. Oh yeah, and everyone LOVES the Squirrel Lady of Town Lake! [Read the full post on August 2009's First Thursday on South Congress.]

“A Mad Tea Party with Jewelry Designer Jackie McCormick from Awaiting Alice”

This was Jasmine’s first video flying solo, and I was so proud of her. She talked to me about the fun and whimsy of spending an afternoon with Jackie, and we decided to try to convey that as a mad tea party. I think it worked. [Read the full post on Jackie McCormick and see photos of jewelry from Awaiting Alice.]

“A Trip to the Austin Farmers Market with Chef with La Condesa’s Chef Rene Ortiz and Chef Laura Sawicki”

One of my favorite things about going to a farmers market is chatting with the farmers. It’s kinda cool to know where our food comes from.  And hearing about farmers’ lives makes me feel more connected to the cycle of life. I think this video shows that experience. [Read the full post on our trip to the Austin Farmers Market.]

“Trip to Marfa for El Cosmico Weekend 2009″

After ACL Fest, we all needed a bit of downtime to recover. What better place to recharge than in Marfa, Texas’s art oasis in the middle of the desert. Marfa is very magical, and what better way to show that than getting painted as a lion, interviewing artists and going to the craziest baseball game ever? Plus, I had the swine flu when we shot this video.  [Read the full  post on our trip to Marfa for El Cosmico Weekend.]

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