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“The Cheap, Part II: Websites to Help Live Chic Without Breaking the Bank”

2009 October 6

This is part of a series on how to cut your expenses without being perceived as cheap.  To see the first post in this series, check out “Is Cheap the New ‘Bitch’?

Mud caked on your hot pair of designer shoes after this weekend’s ACL Festival? No prob! We’ve got a few cool ways for you to save money on getting new ones. We’ve also got some other tips to help save money if you want to relive some ACL memories.


There are some really cool members only online shopping sites like and that offer HUGE discounts on name brand clothes.  My absolute favorite one is  This one allows me to dream about all the clothes I will never be able to afford, and purchase some awesome brands that are definitely within my price range.  You’ll still end up dropping some cash, but it’s exhilarating to splurge $100 on a shirt that usually retails for $400.

Food is a great way for you to check out some of the Austin restaurants showcased at the ACL Festival like Aquarelle and Louies 106.  For those of you who haven’t discovered this site, you can save 50-90% off some of the best restaurants in town.  I just recently bought $75 worth of gift certificates from there for less than $4!  Just make sure you check the rules and restrictions on them before you click buy.


I always check when my wanderlust kicks in.  Sign up for their weekly top 20 list for special rates on hotels, show tickets, and airline flights.  Now you can go see Phoenix in France without breaking the bank.

Other Stuff

A site I recently stumbled upon is  Here you can get all sorts of gift certificates for local restaurants (like Woodland) and services (like Birds Barbershop) for at least 50% off.  I am really digging this site because it promotes local Austin businesses.

Honestly, I probably shouldn’t be spending any money on discretionary things like designer clothes and lavish trips.  But, I’m still young, and I want to live in the moment and experience life.  Now, with these different websites, I can at least feel better knowing that I’m saving some money along the way.

COMMENT: What websites do you go to to save money? SHARE! Let us know in the comments.

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