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Bicycle Culture at ACL Fest.

2009 October 3
Bicycle parking at ACL revivals that of many European cities.

Bicycle parking at ACL revivals that of many European cities.

Transportation to ACL is probably one of the hardest things to coordinate. If you’re walking, you have to take a bus.  If you drive, you have to park in the neighborhood or take a shuttle.  Both are fine on the way in, but at the end of the night, traffic getting out and lines for shuttles and buses are a fuster cuff.  On a bicycle, however, you can just hop on and bypass lines and traffic.

Thanks to Lance Armstrong and the masses of people in Austin in support of alternative transportation, the city has a strong bicycle culture.  A lot of this community revolves around Lance’s shop, Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop.  To highlight this, the shop has a stand by the bicycle parking at ACL Fest.  In the 2-minute video below, we talk to them about bicycle culture at ACL. You can also see some great shots of the MASSIVE bicycle parking racks!

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