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A 10:10 Recap: Ugh, I didn’t lower my carbon emissions by 10% in 2010! Now what?

2010 November 9
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Thousands have joined the 10:10 campaign across the globe. Photo by Jeff Moore

I’m really set on this idea that we don’t need government to pass legislation to tell us that we should reduce our carbon emissions. I think, we can just do it. I mean, what’s stopping us?

I realize some folks just roll their eyes at the idea of global warming. Other peeps don’t appreciate the intrinsic immorality of over consuming one’s resources. But I think we should all strive to be more efficient and more sustainable whether or not you believe that the planet has finite resources.

So last year I made a pledge to reduce my carbon emissions in 2010 by 10%, and invited you to do the same. Now, I’m not the kind of gal who counts her calories or really pays much attention to any details, but this year has made me a bit of a crazy. Those of you who made the pledge can probably agree that it’s been exhausting.

The results to my 10:10 challenge are in. Last year my total carbon footprint was 8.1 metric tons. I had to achieve 7.29 metric tons of CO2 or less in the last 12 months to have reduced emissions by 10%.  Aaand I came in at…. DRUMROLL……

7.71 metric tons of CO2!!!!!!!

I was so close! I feel like a contestant in The Biggest Loser. I’m really disappointed, kids. While I was able to lower it by 9.5%, all I see is room for improvement. I just keep thinking, one day these efforts will become habits that I’ll just do, subconsciously. For example, when I first started recycling in 2005, it was really, really difficult. But now I just effortlessly take the extra seconds it takes to toss things into the recycling bin.

Maybe I shouldn't have taken that trip to Tulum? Nah. Photo by Evan Mathews

My biggest point of opportunity is cutting back on travel. I know it’s easier said than done, but flying is one of the worst things we can do with respect to carbon. Still, we all have places to be, and no one wants to be a radical, hippie that tells their cousin they’re not attending his wedding because you’re counting your carbon tons. However, we CAN cut back. Even if you don’t lay out an exact carbon budget, I think it’s as easy as just saying no to trips that feel excessive.

This is no time for panic or wallowing in misery! I’ve got a game plan:

1. I’m going to work from home more. If I can cut back on unnecessary commutes into town, that adds up 16 miles in one day. HUGE savings!

2. I’m going to go back to Pescetarianism. I’m not really the type that craves meats. I really only eat them to agreeable with my dinner dates, and that’s not a good reason to eat meat at all.

3. I’m going to make my house more energy efficient. I feel that the roomies and I are pretty efficient, the house could use some work. If I can explore more ways to lower our monthly bills, I may be able to get down another 9.5%-10% in 2011! Or maaaaybeeee, 11% in 2011!?!?!

Ready…. BREAK!

What are other ways I can cut my carbon emissions?

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  1. Lorraine permalink
    November 10, 2010

    In Chicago the winters inside our old buildings were brutal, causing us to turn up our heaters like crazy because the house just leaked all the warm awesomeness. A good way to prevent that leaking is some temporary window stripping (looks like foam duct tape) along with a window insulation kit. It’s like cellophane for your windows. Apply it and use a hair dryer to seal it up! You will be amazed how this helps lower your energy costs and output!

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