BREAKING: Austin Music Venue Infest Gets Locked Out of Old Antone’s Space

Wow, Infest, located in the old Antone’s space on 5th and LaVaca, appears to be locked out of their property. At least, that’s what this sign, below,  posted on their front door says. The venue opened last spring.

The music venue has seen a lot of scandal lately. Last week they were profiled in Austin music blog ovrld as being a related space in Austin’s pay-to-play scene, charging musicians $400 to play a 12-minute set. The manager also was accused of attacking performers last Friday.

Let’s see how this develops…

[UPDATE: The Austin Chronicle has the latest.]

Infest Lock Out Antones Austin

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18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Austin Music Venue Infest Gets Locked Out of Old Antone’s Space

  1. why

    The altercation that was said here is totaly invalid. …the band member aggresivelly ran up to the bouncer with a something in his hand. ….the bouncer did what he had to do to defend and calm the guy down without getting close to him as he couldve had a knife a bottle stick etc. ….he did not attack anyone for any reason. .he was simply defending hi life when someone was very aggresive yelling and running towards him. …

    • that's why

      What a load of bs. I was on the stage when this happened. The “aggressive band member” you speak of didn’t do anything. He got punched for being on the side of the stage taking pictures of our band while we were playing. That bouncer was being a total asshole from the moment he arrived at the venue.

      • neverxdie

        not true at all…he was actually in the crows nest and was told several times for him and his girlfriend to get down because of unsafe precautions….he didnt listen and the guy flashed a light at him and the band member blew up grabed a drum stick and ran down the stairs at him.i seen the whole thing unfold but didnt want to get involved the bouncer as much of a dick he was being was not in the wrong at all……once again i was right next to the bar and watched it all….

  2. Robbie

    That’s a a complete lie. The manager that attacked a musician walked into the venue before the show started and started yelling at all if the bands about their instruments being stored near the front door. The person who told them to put their instruments there was the sound guy. The manager continued to belittle grown ass men with his bullish nature. As the show went on one of the musicians went to the riser and started taking pictures. The manager started yelling at him to come down and the older musician thought he was kidding because of how insanely irrational he was acting. The manager was looking for a fight and he got in his sucker punch. Totally out of control. The owner handled the situation very well. The thug “head of security” fled. What does that tell you?

  3. Antifa

    Dear Infest: Please screen all white, baldheaded males who try to gain admittance to your shows. This is for the good of the entire community. It may seem like a pain, but ending up with a ton of boneheads in your venue who would invariably end up causing trouble is way more of a pain. Thank you very much. <3, Anti-Racist Action

  4. Bob Sokol

    Great business model!
    Sign a lease on a venue.
    Charge performers to play.
    Don’t pay any rent.
    Disappear with the cash!

  5. Erica

    So, Infest advertised a Waka Flocka Flame show last night, 1/30. I bought tickets online and showed up (to Republic, where it was moved). According to Flocka’s twitter, they disnt bother to notify him. After nearly 4 hours of mediocre (probably pay-to-play) rappers performing and hyping up the appearance of Flocka, they announced “the promoter” didn’t pay Flocka, so he would not be playing and basically everyone was told to leave. How can I get the 30 dollars I paid these crooks back? I feel even worse for people who paid for VIP.

  6. uglyshyla

    I had one of the employees named start harassing me online out of the blue because I said on MY facebook I was going to a show there.And that apparently wasn’t enough the supposed “non-racist” skinhead he then started started harassing me with racist comments and and posting swastikas on anything he could find me on.I’m Creole and that mess is NOT appreciated.

  7. Jay Banks

    At first, by the title, I thought “This is sad”. Then, by the article, I thought “This is really sad”. And when I got to the discussion, I can’t stop wondering too. Seems like this place was just a lot of trouble, maybe everyone will be better off without it. I have seen such cases here in Vancouver too. Peace!

  8. John Rankin Smith

    I think the fantastic plastic banner that remained their marquee through the whole existence of this establishment says it all.


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