Listen to Austin dance band Whiite Walls self-tiled EP. Is it pure heavenly baby-making bliss?

Whiite Walls Austin

Since mid-December, I’ve had a bit of a conundrum. When people ask me my favorite album, I’ve been forced to say “an unnamed Whiite Walls EP that hasn’t come out yet.” I’m not trying to be douchey when I say it, but I can’t lie. Since the band gave me an advance copy, it’s all I’ve been playing–and in February, the rest of the world will finally get to hear it!

From the minute the Whiite Walls self-titled EP opens with the rolling track June 9th, it instantly transports you to the giant dancefloor in the sky. St Peter lets you through the velvet rope. You enter a smoke-filled dreamy heaven where strobes and colored lights bounce off clouds. Dreamy disco vibes pull you out to the floor. Romantic, ethereal vocals echo with angelic sweetness through the fog. Suddenly a funky bassline sends shivers through your loins, so stanky you wonder if it sprang from Satan himself. But then the soulful deep house groove reminds you that God doesn’t think sex is bad. In fact, the Whiite Walls self-titled EP can only be described as nothing but 100% pure heavenly baby-making bliss.

To me, Whiite Walls EP is like LCD Soundsystem playing on the Love Boat; Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage transported to the East Side’s Cheer Up Charlie’s; Poolside playing an 80s prom after drinking five 5-hour energy drinks; or taking ecstasy in Candyland.

And the baby making doesn’t stop at the album. If you haven’t seen Whiite Walls perform live, be warned. Oozing with sensuality, their sets get everyone dancing, whipping the crowd into such a Dionysian frenzy that you wonder if someone spiked your PBR with Molly.  Like Pan playing his pipes, something supernatural happens at their shows and even the most complacent hipster can’t help but dance himself clean–that’s if they aren’t mesmerized by drummer Greg’s beastly beats. (Seriously, they played a show with a couple punk bands, and a line of guys was lined-up, awestruck with his drumming.)

See for yourself TOMORROW, Friday, January 24th, 2013, at The Black and White Years Album Release Party at The Parish. They’ll be playing with Republic of Austin faves Isaiah the Mosaic and The Black and White Years. Be sure to give guitarist Samantha Garret a big fat Birthday hug.

The Whiite Walls EP drops NEXT MONTH. If you can’t wait until then, check out these 3 tracks from the EP:

Whiite Walls – June 9th

Whiite Walls – Turn From You

Whiite Walls – Easy Love

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