New Infographic Shows Why Austin Sucks; Tells Folks Not To Move Here

Austin is the number one place for folks aged 25-35 to move–and over the last five years, we’ve seen the effects of that growth manifest in horrible traffic and higher rents. This has caused a very real anti-newbies attitude.

Today the Don’t Move Here meme just got some new ammo. Kami Russell, an enterprising etsy-naut designed this infographic poster explaining why Austin sucks. While a lot of it is poking fun at our sporty, outdoorsy, dog rescuing attitudes, some of it is pretty serious. Traffic is getting worse. Public Transportation REALLY sucks–and there doesn’t seem to be a quick solution in sight.

What do you think? Did she nail it? What else would you add?

Head over to Kami’s Etsy store to buy the poster.

Austin Sucks Don't Move Here

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143 thoughts on “New Infographic Shows Why Austin Sucks; Tells Folks Not To Move Here

  1. Ashley

    This is hilarious! Well done to the creator. Aside from the fact that condos are popping up everywhere and rush hour seems to be every hour of the day.

  2. MrsTieit

    I’m all for people coming to Austin, but please stop trying to change it to be where “You” came from…Being an Austin original (B&R) here is what i can add: Way to much technology, Constant Construction and growth, All bad allergies exist here, not just the dreaded Cedar fever, The never ending bugs, mosquitos (yes they are their own category), varmits and reptiles, and lastly People move here and complain.

    • anita

      Unfortunely, people try to change the places they move to so they resemble where they came from. I am an Adirondacks native (in upstate NY) and many people move here from NY city. They then want to change our “neck of the woods”. Personally, I love visiting Austin but only for a few months during the winter. The summer in the Adirondacks can’t be beat.

  3. Rich

    The three requirements for buying property in Austin should be:watch dazed and confused, listen to Stevie Ray Vaughn and promise to pick up your trash and dog poo.
    She forgot to include Taxes and rediculus fees like drainage/planning/street cleaning.

      • Maribel

        I did too. My husband got stationed in Cali for 2 years. California sux so bad ppl don’t know how to drive even in small towns where traffic isn’t bad. And they are just rude. Can’t wait to move back. Plus no HEB here :(

        • cynthia curran

          Texas sucks so bad, I use to live in Orange County even Anaheim looks great compared to Houston and Dallas who have a lot of low class minor ties. Don’t go to Houston and Dallas please, high crime, lots of poor Hispanics and Blacks in the inner city and so forth. Lots of kids having babies as teenagers, Texas is about the 3rd to 5th worst in this.

  4. tbruszakTom

    Well, while in jest, Austin does suck. It has nothing on LA. So boring, nothing to do. Plus, I’ve never been in a town where people brag about their multiple DUI’s like it’s some red badge of courage. I’m here because of my job. When the time is right, I’m getting out of here as soon as I can. In the meantime, I’ll just keep saving every penny planning my escape, which is made easier by the only cool thing about Austin (and Texas)…Zero income tax.

    • tristanavedon

      Please go back to LA. It’s the Californians who are ruining this city. Do you think we want to become the toilet LA is? I lived in Seattle for 5 years and you people damn near ruined THAT city too. I swear, when people from Los Angeles move to your city, it’s like getting crabs or head lice.

      • tbruszak

        well, I’ll tell you what, you tell all the people from New York, Boston, Chicago and Wisconsin to leave MY home and I will gladly go back. Those idiots are the reason we are here. Trust me, not one native Angelino I know is here by choice. Our jobs moved here. Once the hippy Browne is out of office and the state get’s going again, we are gone. Hey, Jerry would be a great mayor for you hippies here. But, in the meantime, be thankful educated and sophisticated people are here. We are trying to elevate this dump and give it some class. What you also fail to realize is that it is we, the non-natives, who are dumping money into this place. The average Austinite is to busy paying off one of their four DUI’s and spending what little is left afterwards on their $10\hour jobs at Planet K to be able to. Don’t be mad at us. We are just from California, so that really just makes us better than you. Don’t hate. Hate goes against the hippy commune thing. In the meantime, enjoy the Californization of this dump. In-N-Out is here, Del Taco is here. All we need now is King Taco. Hell, USC will be playing in Austin soon and lay a can of whoop ass on you. So, chill out brah. Learn some valley slang and enjoy life. SoCal 4 life.

        • FuckTbruszak

          we dont want your money, we dont want you class, we don’t want your self absorbed egotistical materialistic attitudes and your superiority complexs, and we don’t want your idiocy. Don’t you see? All the attitudes you just expressed are exactly why we all hate you. I mean you people actually think it’s up to you to “elevate” us? Did we ever say we wanted to be elevated? Regardless of any opinions on what you think is “cool” or classy that may or may not conflict with ours, you are coming into our city and trying to change it, and you think its a good thing? I mean you sound like the type of person who still thinks theres a right and wrong when dealing with opinions. we just want to be left alone to enjoy our city, we would never move to another city and try to change it, because we aren’t self absorbed assholes. Did you ever stop to think we don’t want you to dump your money on us? That maybe not everyone cares about money? That some people are content to just be happy? I mean really? “that really just makes us better than you.” Didn’t you ever learn about how all people are equal? And no one is “better” than anyone else? I think you need to clear your head, open your mind, and learn something.

          I’d also like to go on the record saying I dont really have this problem with people who move here from new york/anywhere else, They are all great, wonderful people, And a lot of them belong here. It is literally exclusively people from LA, not even the whole of california, JUST LA. Not everyone from LA of course, but the vast majority. It is a (mostly) terrible city, filled with (mostly) terrible backstabbing people who go through life in a perpetual state of highschool, treat life like a competition instead of a group effort, and only care about themselves.

          • TbruszakIsABigFatDummy

            Also In-N-Out burgers suck, they’re bland and soggy and terrible, but mostly bland, P. Terrys beats them 1000 to 1, And I would rather eat at fucking mcdonalds.

          • tbruszakTom

            Lol brah, what’s your damage?. LA is soooo much better than this dirt hole. I dig the whole hippy commune part of your response and while I find it to be entirely inaccurate, it does fit the new-communist Austinites. Stalin would be extremely proud of your statements.

            This whole, let’s sit around, sing songs and hold hands is cute. Unfortunately, it really does speak to the general assortment of un-educated people I have come across. When I first was asked to move here, I heard how this was the “Silicone Hills.” I was hopeful that I would be coming to a city of educated professionals that I could bounce ideas off of and perhaps learn new ways of doing things… other words, collaborative innovation. Unfortunately, I quickly found that I’d have a hard time justifying hiring the average Austin native to bag groceries at HEB (Btw, dude, seriously….any civilized town has more than one fucking option on grocery stores. I don’t get this HEB monopoly). Instead of being educated, I found the average native to be more concerned on scraping together enough pennies on the $10 an hour job to score their next bag of dro. Aside from that, it was scrapping enough money together to go to $2 drink nights at various bars so they could work on their fifth DUI.

            Granted, I can somewhat understand the whole concept because there really is nothing to do in this city, so I guess when presented with the unfortunate reality that their whole existence revolves around a city that if you blink while driving through it you will miss it, then perhaps the best option is to get high or drunk and forget the fact that you have no money, no education and simply put no future.

            Instead, the hopes I had when being forced to move here have long since been crushed and I find that the people filling the majority of high paying jobs that have been created in this city are the transplants of the same companies that are creating them because of the complete lack of qualified, local candidates.

            So, if you want to curb this influx of non-natives, I might recommend to you that you set your goals higher than getting that lofty AA in General Studies from ACC and before you go home to polish the frame holding that AA, that perhaps you might go out and get a degree in something that matters. I know that it may mean you have to actually apply yourself and put down the bong, so apologies in advance. While it may be to late for you, perhaps encourage your kids to do so….who, by the way, are the most amusing things I’ve seen in a long time. The way you have allowed your kids to morph into an eclectic mix of gothic hillbillies leads me to believe the upcoming generation is also F’d. So, I guess the future does look bleak for you natives. Resistance is futile, because you lack the tools make us leave.

            As for In-N-Out, we really don’t care if you don’t like it. It’s not here for you. They aren’t catering to you. They are catering to we, the transplants. And, judging by the line around the one in Round Rock I saw Saturday night from the freeway, it appears there are lots of us. I personally am not an In-N-Out person. However, bring more of them in. Just another Southern California icon that makes me feel like I’m home when I see it and not stuck in this place and that alone makes me happy.

            In regards to your not liking people from LA but generally liking people from NY and Boston, well, that makes sense. Those two towns are liberal havens just like Austin is. Keep in mind that California was a red state when I was growing up. Republican governors until that jagoff Gray Davis took the world’s second largest economy and completely tanked it in under 11 months in office before being recalled and replaced by a fng actor because, well, hell, couldn’t do any worse. The average person from “LA” that is moving here is from the OC. The largest, most conservative, blood-red county in the US who have had it with hippy politics and move to Austin. Not so much because they like Austin, but they like Texas (zero income tax, business friendly..etc). So, it’s understandable that you find them to be assholes. We find you to be pathetic. Now Dallas and Houston…….those places are actually pretty cool. Not LA cool, but pretty gnarly in their own way.

        • Juju

          In-N-Out Burger suuuuuuucks… I simply don’t understand the big deal about it. PTerry’s kicks its ass brah shithead.

  5. SK

    Houston inside the loop: we have some public transportation, bars for everyone, lazy people (as well as marathon runners), and less cedar. Did I mention a 10-minute commute to downtown from Montrose or the Heights?

    • robynbyrd2013

      Here, here for Houston Inside the Loop- Metrorail connections, cutting edge cuisine, great music (not Austin, but plenty good), thriving artistic community, ACCESSIBLE colleges (UH, Rice, St Thomas), loads of jobs……just do not venture outside the loop. Therein lies madness.

  6. Daniel Fredenthal

    fuck this meme! Still want to go back. Great ad to ward off the yuppie shits are interested in overcrowding and ruining Austin’s legacy. ohhhh…I get it now….. ummmm. yea ….don’t move here… depressing

  7. Gmoney

    Anti newbie movement that is hilarious. I’m sorry there is so much hatred from native Austinites to transplants. It’s a great city people are going to move here so get over it. As far as traffic goes this is nothing. I moved here from Boston and traffic was way worse. If you think traffic here is bad don’t to move to LA, Miami, Washington DC, New York City ect ect. The positive thing about all the transplants coming here is that it adds a lot of diversity to the city and an exponential growth to the local economy. It’s great for the LOCAL AUSTIN businesses.

    • Dean

      Right on. I’m another Bostonian….from Boston to Austin. I love this city. And you’re right, traffic was much worse up there….in fact, my allergies were way worse up there too. And I’ll take a little extra heat over shoveling snow any day of the week. I’m staying…..I love tacos, my dog was bought as a puppy from a breeder, I’m not vegan, and I don’t run marathons….but still think this city is the best place to live for so many reasons. Hipsters do drive me a bit nuts though. :)

      • Cwheat

        Actually, no, traffic is not much worse there. According to a recent study done by INRIX, only two cities in the continental US with traffic worse than Austin are LA and DC.

      • ATXsince88

        So GMoney and Dean; those who didn’t have to deal with the traffic, gentrification, etc should quit complaining because “it’s not as bad” as other places that have gone down the tubes? People moved to Austin because they liked what it was, but still feel the need to transform it into a more conservative, code-enforced metropolis. That and because some nutjobs in the city’s planning divisions thought population growth was the only way to go, rather than working on protecting the city’s character.

    • Jacqueline

      The hilarious part is that, amongst my friends, the hatred seems to be coming from transplants who have relocated in the last 1-10 years.

    • Star Storm

      FYI-Austin traffic is worse than you think. We are now #4. In case you had not noticed half of California is already here. As a 5 genaration native I am fed up with 150 people a day moving here. Im sick of the hideous & expensive condos destroying our downtown views. Im sick of yall destroying my home!! Close the fricking gate. If you come to Austin a round trip ticket is mandatory! Visit and the GO HOME!

  8. Jess

    She forgot that it has become a haven for Illegals over the last 20 years!

    Hipsters, Yuppies and Trendy people, please quit trying to change this town! South Congress, is just that! It is not SoCo! Quit rebranding cool parts of town with your trendy little names! Our lakes and rivers are FULL! Our cool hole in the wall, off beat places are over run with your asses! GO freaking back to where you came from and let Austin get back to what it once was before all of the Hipsters, Yuppies and Trendy people came here! Austin is FULL!
    Please have the INS start working and doing their jobs in the south and southeast parts of town and enforce the immigration laws! It’s ridiculous!

  9. Gmoney

    LOL you must be a winy native Austinite Jess I can tell by your crying. Telling people to leave won’t make people leave so cry me a river Jess.

  10. Rii

    I guess I would like her to add the part where she is a hypocrite and an elitist? SERIOusly what makes anyone think they have more of a right to a place than anyone else? The way I see it you were either raised in Austin, in which case grow up expand your horizons, learn about the rest of the world and fucking MOVE and experience more than your tiny bubble, OR realize that you moved here just like everyone else and have no right to discourage others. Quit facilitating your own stagnation and elitist agendas and develop some sort of real understanding of how the world works

    • Laura

      Don’t you get this is meant to be funny? Apparently all those crying about “the hypocrite” have no sense of humor. Ya’ll are too freaking serious and need to get the stick out of your asses. I am a transplant of a year and a half…love it. Wouldn’t dream of moving some place to try and change it. Traffic…piece of cake compared to Northern Va/DC.

  11. Menth

    If it is so bad then why do people stay? Also try moving to the bay area and rent, yet alone buy a place. Austin just seems better and better can’t wait to move there!!!!!

  12. Jon

    I have been in Austin for 4 years and really loved it here when I first moved here, and there are still things to love, but the traffic, and cost of living makes it less attractive each day. Yes I know LA and NYC has traffic that is worse I’ve been there, but considering Austin is still under a million in the actual city limits the level that the traffic has already reached is unbelievable. The public transportation system needs help fast! For the life of me I don’t understand why there isn’t a regional fast rail line connecting San Antonio to Austin. Lone star rail needs to happen now! Driving to San Antonio during the summer season can take 2.5 hours during peak hours.

    • ATXsince88

      People who say there’s nothing to do in Austin must not like to fish, swim (naked even!), stroll in the park, visit museaums, get educated, eat BBQ or Tex-mex, see plays (though granted, the quality is hit or miss there, or just go have a beer with a friend.

  13. Scott

    I lived in Austin for 11 years. Left in June of ’12. Moved to the Denver, CO area and now live at the base of the Front Range. I miss Austin, but it had ran its course for me. The music scene was a love of mine, but other than that, there really was not a lot to do to be honest. I do miss the food….and am glad I spent a quarter of my life there.

  14. Nick

    I lived in Austin from 1997 to 2010, having moved from the shithole of New Jersey at the urging of a good friend. Frankly you guys are way late to this discussion. I heard the “Stay out of Austin” sentiment more times than I can even remember, starting just after I arrived. People were bitching back then too. Today it’s even worse. Austin changed dramatically during my years there, and it’s NEVER going back to what it was. Get used to it. There’s much to hate about modern-day Austin, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that city leaders as early as two or more decades ago were warned to start planning for explosive growth, and they did nothing about it. Having said that, Austin with all its flaws is still a better place to relocate to than many other parts of the U.S., so don’t expect the migration to end anytime soon. Also, there’s not a damn thing you can do about the tens of thousands of new homes that went up in Round Rock, Cedar Park, Hays county, Bastrop, and throughout Austin itself in the past 20 years. Stop your whining…or leave.

    • Dave Evans

      Great commentary. Having lived in Austin for +25 years it still strikes me that the louder the individual’s complaint, the more likely it is that it is he or she moved here *after* I did. Personally, I love Austin and welcome anyone who wants to live and grow here, and contribute to what this city is all about.

    • cynthia curran

      Austin is gong to be Hispanic in the future, so I would rather go to other places since its going to be more Hispanic since 46 percent of the school aged kids are you might as well stay in California or Arizona and so forth, what is the advantage going to the major Texas cities that looked like California, Nevada or Arizona anyways.

  15. W. Kristoph

    Where are y’all getting that she doesn’t live in Austin?
    Her profile says she is. … not that it means anything, because online, it could say *anything*. Which can also be said if it says she’s *not* from Austin. It could say “Saskatoon”, and she might have a loft on 6th Street.
    She’s clearly lived there at *some* point … because she nailed it!

  16. Clan

    Ha! I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and watched it explode with people from all over including a whole pasel of Texans and all I have to say is Karma’s a bitch!

  17. Laura-anne

    I moved to Austin in 1997 from South Africa for a period of 3 years and had the time of my life, I was blown away by how everything just “works” but to explain to you how quickly a place can grow and change, when I returned to South Africa I felt I was visiting a new country…apartheid had been abolished, Nelson Mandela was our new president and our population had increased by millions due to the fact that people were emigrating from other countries in Africa because SA was the place to be…so come on guys, u actually have a beautiful City that is changing and growing with the times, u should embrace it and love it for what it is.

  18. Kirk

    I find it hilarious how Austin is so different from San Antonio when it’s literally only an hour away (depending of traffic, which is like, all the time).

  19. Rex

    Guys, let me add that of all the women on Plenty Of Fish dot com about half of them are in the San Antonio area. You want to move to San Antonio.

  20. Dallasgirl

    I was raised in Austin for 27 years, I loved it, but I saw how it was slowly changing and 3 1/2 years ago I got out. Since then Austin has changed drastically. It used to be everywhere you went you were bound to run in to someone you knew, now it is so damn crowded. Traffic has always been horrible but at least there used to be a certain times of the day when you could actually get somewhere on 35 at a reasonable time, now it is bumper to bumper all day long. CEDAR FEVER! Worst of all Austin now has this stuck up mentality that no one else is good enough to live in their tiny under-developed dirty city. I know the writer is trying to be funny by saying Dallas and Houston are cool and you should move there, but Dallas is actually way cooler to me than Austin is now. We are becoming way more health conscious, traffic is smooth(compared to Austin) there are more and more local family owned businesses coming up. Deep Ellum brewery rocks, and we have the best Gaybourhood in Texas. Oh and not to mention people are trying to be something here, not just part all day and night.

  21. TracyG

    NO!!! DO NOT encourage people to move to DALLAS!! Dallas has the same F*ing problems! Minus Cedar fever. It’s more the tornadoes and ice storms.

  22. Frank M

    Besides the fact that the new residents are solely responsible for the economic prosperity, the low unemployment rate, the increase in property value… Thanks to the new residents, your children will have job options and financially stable schools…. could be worse

  23. Kelley Dellafave

    It’s hilarious how many of you do not get the purpose of this meme. Don’t move to Austin has been a saying since the 80s. I only wish I could move back there like it was back then. Most beautiful larger city in Texas.

  24. Dave

    sure, come on, bring your money. and don’t complain about high real estate prices, they are just getting started! And I’ll sell you some! Oh, and get your f#cking Prius out of my way.

  25. Amanda

    This is awesome, but Houston doesn’t need any more either! We need them to go to Dallas, because they love replacing history with faux-Tuscan townhouses and luxury high-rises there.

  26. Austinboy

    She missed one. You are moving to the “Live Music Capital” of the world. We have outside venues. It’s loud. If you move here, don’t complain about the noise!

  27. teachergurrl

    She also forgot about how you can’t turn right on red, particularly around The University…and if you’re heading north from there, it’s damn near impossible to turn left anywhere, either. I was born in Austin in the mid-60s, and returned there to go to UT ’83-’88. Loved it then and still love it, but the last time I visited, it took almost an hour to go a couple of miles on I-35. Traffic is a nightmare, and parking is non-existent. But…Hook ’em Horns! I’ll always have burnt-orange blood.

  28. Murms512

    There is nothing more annoying to a born and raised Austinite than hearing someone who moved to Austin complain about the traffic. GTFO.

  29. Lauren

    My parents moved our family to Austin in 1992, and it’s where I grew up. Just after Christmas in 2012 I moved to Beaumont to get away from Austin because it’s gotten so fucking crowded, and it seems like nobody on the roads there gives a shit about following traffic laws. (I also heard whispers that the city council was arguing about whether or not they needed to build another water treatment facility or something about would they have enough water for everyone if there was another drought?) In the year before I moved, I worked as a delivery driver and routinely avoided potential accidents that would’ve been caused by someone else doing something stupid behind the wheel. I also can’t stand how pretentious Austin has become, it makes me sick. And it’s sad when my boyfriend’s roommate will just announce that Austin sucks because he’s only ever stayed in hotels downtown and went to places inundated with hipsters, but my boyfriend visits Austin with me and tells his roommate upon our return that he had a blast because I know how to avoid the hipsters and introduced him to the awesome people I know, most of whom grew up in Austin too.

    Mostly, I’m disappointed in what Austin’s become, because it was something brilliant and now it’s kinda…normal?

  30. Fanta

    Funny how everyone thinks they moved here right before the gold rush, whether it was 1967, 1992, or 2008. The population of Austin doubled every 20 years for the last 120 years, so it’s nothing new. No one rightly gets to claim that the latest infusion of carpetbaggers has ruined it all. That said, Austin has peaked, the quality of life will get worse, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF WATER, there no more weekends left for another festival, the hipster problem is real, and life here is becoming something of a joke. This city is comically in love with itself, but I guess it’s still better than Houston, Dallas, San Antonio…

  31. Claire

    Austin and Dallas (and Houston, generally) BOTH SUCK!! I lived in Austin for 8 years, and the ONLY thing I miss is the tex-mex. Not to mention, Austin is as every bit a faux city as Dallas. I wrote this in 2012: “Sorry, Austin, that I don’t have an $800 bike; sorry I have to carry my shitty backpack with me everywhere; sorry I don’t get wasted every Thursday-Sunday on “craft” beers (or any for that matter); sorry I don’t buy all my food from Whole Foods; sorry I don’t have a stupid-ass haircut, sorry I don’t have 100 piercings and tatoos, sorry I don’t have a Mac, sorry I don’t wear ridiculously expensive clothing that is SUPPOSED to look like I found it in a dumpster, sorry I don’t know everything about music and pop-culture, sorry I don’t eat like a rabbit.” Because these things are important to Austinites and Hipsters. Also, whoever posted about people bragging about DUI’s like medal of honor hit the nail on the head. Ugh. Stay away. As a matter of fact, stay away from TX all together…

  32. Rayday

    You hipsters crack me up. Why don’t you call yourselves the “I got mine, screw you” crowd? Or you older ones the “Get off my lawn” crowd.

  33. Jess-ca

    I just wish the people moving here would try to integrate with the existing culture rather than bring the culture that is flawed where they came from. I wish people would invest in the real estate instead of just living with 4 roommates in apts. and I wish people would wave & say hello when they pass by. I wish they would vote. I’m hoping the city council restructuring will help with road conditions & traffic. Talk all you want about public transportation – the roads for cars sucks worse than in MS.

  34. ted shred

    Austin sucks because of the hipsters. If you haven’t lived in Austin for at least 10 years, then you don’t have any reason to complain about “new residents”.

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  36. Dorigurl


    158 people move here every day….could 158 people a day be that wrong?

    HEAT – Uumm…its Texas…It gets worse as you go south…why did you stop in Austin to complain about the heat?

    I-35 Traffic – Uumm…DUH… this is true in Waco…Dallas…Waco….Denton…Oklahoma City…Witchita….how far north did you wanna go with this?

    Every Season is Swimsuit Season – CHA-CHING!! Go freeze your butt off somewhere else…me?…I’m headed to the beach!

    365 days of Chubbiness – I think this is true across America…and if you don’t like it…get your butt movin!

    Public Transportation – Ok, yea…not great…but shouldn’t you be on a bike anyway?

    26.2 on every car – Still feeling chubby? Perhaps you need this as well…

    Less than 50 degrees and it shuts down….and yet it was 20 degrees recently and everyone was still out…but you wouldn’t know this if YOU never left your house…

    Dogs – Rescued is always better, regardless of location…show a pet that not all owners are like the ones that dumped them.

    TACOS – the single most perfect food in the world…. if you’re getting to fat from eating them…26.2 miles can help…

    Hipsters…Walkers…HUH? This doesn’t even make sense…perhaps your confusing your generations.

    Vegans – Don’t knock it till you try it! I’ve been to RAW vegan parties that have amazing food!

    6th Street – something for everyone…if you can’t find your spot then the issue is you…not Austin!

    BATS – the animal kingdom’s equivalent to tacos…they eat bugs…they only come out at night… they keep to themselves…and if you’ve never seen 1.5 million bats at one time then you have no idea what you’re missing. Seeing 1.5 million of ANY ANIMAL at one time is pretty awesome.

    Ryan Gosling…Nuff said.

    Everyone is HOT – welcome to an active city. Wouldn’t it be great if more of America was this active? Perhaps we wouldn’t have the reputation of being the most obese country in the world.

    Cyclists – saving our environment, one petal-push at a time.

    Finding a boyfriend – Perhaps if you’re alone it’s because of YOU and not the lack of men! Besides…what’s wrong with being alone? Embrace yourself and quit looking for someone to complete you.

    Dallas and Houston…sure…move there instead! We like Austin to ourselves! If you consider window-shopping an exercise then Dallas is the place for you!…but if you prefer air that smells like it was recycled through an armpit…then Houston is all yours.

    (And before people start reaming me….this was all in fun too!!)

  37. Lola

    I moved to Austin for college 35 years ago. A job did take me to LA for a couple of years and I will NEVER live there again. Talk about traffic – it was not uncommon to be stuck in your car for up to 24 hours, especially after all the EARTHQUAKES. Everyone was advised to have enough survival items in their car to last SIX HOURS in traffic jams. I’m still here in Austin and getting more than a bit disenchanted. Familiarity of the city helps navigate routes around bad traffic, but ultimately much of it is unavoidable – 24 HOURS A DAY. I miss being able to go to Zilker Park ANYTIME without having to check if some event has made it unavailable to to the public to play soccer, let the dogs run, fly kites, have a picnic, bring the kids, throw frisbies, play sand volleyball, climb “The Rock”. I miss being able to drive, park and shop downtown. I avoid downtown fairly successfully except for business needs. The traffic was manageable and predictable. Crime was much lower. Police were MUCH nicer. DROUGHT has destroyed many outdoor activities like being able to find a boat ramp for Lake Travis I yearn for the LUSH GREEN native plants, flowers and trees. Now, the only green we see is lawns and non-native plants that people or businesses are wasting our water supply maintaining. I have yet to find a place in Texas and other lower eastern States – Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, North & South Carolina, Virginia etc. that do not have mosquitoes, and many worse than ours – I detest them also but I grew up in Texas and they’ve always been around. Californians moving here beginning in the 80’s were ones who got rich in that over-inflated and dwindling Silicon Valley market. The City Council, Mayor, influential Austin people stated that they wanted Austin to be the next Silicon Valley. Those folks could purchase mansions for half and less prices compared to property values in California, and then throw there money into “transforming Austin”. The city and state government gave billions of dollars in tax breaks to lure the businesses and people (and traffic), but did not proactively prepare for the influx of new citizens. While in college there is a pretty good university bus system throughout Austin but after that you will learn how WORTHLESSLY the current city bus routes are set. Really, Austin was more like a College Town even though shocking crimes occurred and still do. What’s up with all the alcoholic and abusive city, county and state officers who are so rude and spend all their time handing out tickets instead of patrolling high crime areas? There is little supportive interaction from city government and the police force for small local businesses and the city code inspectors are generally just harassing people in a complaint-driven system. The police force works on a “containment” process where they push all the transients, crooks, prostitutes, drug dealers into a few zip codes (like Northeast Austin) compared to their patrolling the adjacent new Mueller development. I miss affordable rents and houses, I miss NICE, PERSONAL people who always say Hi and help each other. I don’t want to leave Austin and am tied to my business here, but I see no solution except to move elsewhere. Thank goodness we’re done dealing with the school system and bureaucracy. I do love Austin’s diversity and naturalistic health and food options. But, everything’s too expensive now and Austin seems to be emphasizing erasing the middle class as in the rest of the country. Money talks. Got none or just not enough? – Keep walking. Sorry for the lengthy response but there are two Austins and never the twain shall they meet.

    • Shannon

      Thank you for your reply! I completely agree with you. We have a $150,000 income here and can’t afford to buy a home in this overpriced city. The middle class is being erased. Raise the salaries here to match the cost of living!

  38. Aisha Milburn

    Austin has long lost the uniqueness that made it the “Weird” city it once was. I think the death of Leslie sealed the coffin. It’s now such a Houston/Dallas wannabe that’s it’s annoying. I was born and raised here and remember the nice college town Austin once was. I also remember driving on 35 and Mopac was something we did for a family drive. I’ll take the Austin of the 70s — early 90s ANY day over the sprawl that it is now.

  39. Mike D

    20+ years in Austin; great place for your 20s; good place for your 30s; not so good in your 40s. Taxes and big spending City Council don’t help either. Condos everywhere. Burnet Road and South Lamar are more like canyons now with condos towering over everywhere. Hard to get from here to there. Austin loves to brag about itself. I’d rather move to a completely new city than be pushed out to Pflugerville, Hutto, etc.

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  41. Susan

    i’m 30 and an austinite, born and raised. i’ve never left and don’t really ever want to. yes, austin has changed A LOT, but it’s still a great place to live and work. as easy as it is to adopt the “get out of MY town” mentality, it’s kind of stupid. eventually it will become so overcrowded that many people will want to relocate and a new “it town” will emerge. EVERYBODY CHILL.

  42. Shannon

    I have seen a lot of changes here in Austin over the last decade. And I think expanding a city is wonderful. We need more culture here and I love all of the new restaurants and attention Austin is getting. Those who have a problem with many moving here are right about the process being frustrating. It has nothing to do with new transplants. It is the city. I am beyond frustrated that we are one of the top places to live, cost of living has skyrocketed and is comparable to Seattle. Great! Then raise the salaries here to match! My husband and I have great jobs, he’s a senior software engineer and talented beyond, I’m an Esthetician, and together we can’t afford to buy a new home here now that were ready. I don’t wan to buy an ugly condo fr $300,000 in north Austin! And the rent has skyrocketed in the past year. He would be making so much more in Seattle for the same cost of living. The roads here are rediculous, narrow sidewalks so it’s not walkable, no good public transportation. Ugly and outdated homes selling for $700,000 that are so gross. Paying 3,500 for a rental home from the 80’s. No one likes to keep up their yards, one big jungle mess. And not really anything to do for the price were paying. Traffic is horrible because we have city planners that must have been high as a kite. I am getting very bored and antsy here. We should not blame the newcomers. We should blame poor city planning.

  43. Paul Easley

    the funny thing, reading all of these comments? whether you’re native to austin or a transplant, the rest of the state still hates you, refers to you as the california of texas, and wishes we could just drop a nuke on your stupid, boring lil town, except it would ruin completely the beautiful river that your town has done its best to destroy

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  45. Sue

    I don’t understand the condo hate in the comnents. Construction over the aquifer recharge zones screws Barton Springs. Single family housing takes more water (which we’re running out of). Condos in the central city mean fewer people commuting to the burbs, and thus less traffic and air pollution. Denser development makes building out public transit more feasible. I mean, it sucks that the condos are so expensive, but we need to put on our grownup pants and deal with our current and ever-growing population.

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  48. Jen Marek

    I moved here from SF and was so delighted at how nice Austinites are, how much they love their home and the pride they take in being a safe haven for “weird” people in Texas (that might not be comfortable in other places). When I first moved here I felt very homesick and far away from most of the folks I love. The people I’ve met here (some native and some not), have made it feel like home to me.

    This awesome town is going through a boom, that means more people, more junk and more jobs. Towns change, economies change, people come people go.

    Making people feel shitty for wanting to move here just doesn’t seem very Austin to me.

    PS: Trader Joe’s and In ‘n Out are so awesome.

  49. Jamie Sarner

    Heheheh, can’t stop laughing! The poster is wonderful, the author has my sympathy for the wit. And for those convinced I have an easy advice: move up here to Toronto 😉

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  51. Rich Thompson

    Austin still beats London. We haven’t seen sun since 1654, the weather is so miserable that EVERY street is a Rainey St.! The I-35 may be bad but in London we have the pleasure of being thrust into a different stranger’s armpit every morning on the Underground. In Austin, people like meeting new people, if a stranger starts a conversation in England, we think you’re either a pyschopath or a terrorist! So f**k y’all, I’m still coming! 😉

  52. Buck Ofama

    The author’s self description seems to come from a California-inspired walk on the kewl side. In other words, it blows.

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    • cynthia curran

      Well, Houston almost has as many Hispanics as La. Less Asians than La but more Blacks than La. Lots of foreign born in Houston as well. Its very similar to La, sorry Republicans its the truth about the city.

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  55. Don't move to Austin

    If you are not from here, you have no right to say these things. This is how WE TEXANS feel about YOU. If your childhood didn’t consist of seeing Leslie at least once a month…you’re not from here. And how could you forget about cedar fever?

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