Top 5 Austin Artists of 2013 from 101X Homegrown Live producer Deidre Gott

Editor’s Note: This post is from Deidre Gott from 101X Homegrown Live. She’s also (one of the) hosts of KOOP’s Around The Town Sounds. Check out her list of top Austin artists in 2013 and what to look out for in 2014.

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My Fav Albums and New (to me) discoveries in 2013

In no particular order. (Because you wouldn’t ask a mother to rate her children would you?!)

The Octopus Project – Fever Forms 

My love for them grows stronger with each release. I’m pretty sure Yvonne and Josh have pet unicorns and ride rainbows to work. THEY ARE MAGICAL.


Holiday Mountain

Holy moses! Every time I saw these guys this year, it was the best dance party I’ve ever been to. EVERYONE danced. Hipsters,youngsters, oldsters, frat boys and sorority girls. All one, big, happy dance party.


Tele Novella

JC&Co, Belaire, Voxtrot, Agent Ribbons. These are all bands I love. And now they have joined forces to create one band? I’m in heaven.


Whiite Walls 

Another fantastic dance party. This time with disco rails. They’re heading to the studio next year and I can’t wait to bump that shizz all over town.


The Black Angels – Indigo Meadow

Why? Because they’re the Fucking Black Angels and I will always love them that’s why.


Grape St. – A Date With You

Released back in February, the first song on the album always gets stuck in my head. “Everyday! Everyday! Everyday!” They’ll be headlining the 101X Homegrown Live this Saturday at Holy Mountain.


What to look for in 2014:


Tacks, The Boy Disaster

They released this beautiful EP called Oh, Beatrice in 2006 but haven’t released anything since. So I was excited when they got back in the studio two years ago. Now they have this full length record all mastered and ready to go. Fingers crossed it will come out next year. Luckily, (with a lot of begging) I got my hands on a copy. Think dreamy 70’s AM Radio. SOO GOOD.


The Black and White Years

Aw man! This record is gonna be rad. They worked with my all time favorite producer, Danny Reisch and added a lady singer (Adrienne!) to some of the songs and it really pops. New record, Strange Figurines drops in Jan with their Album release (and 101X Homegrown Live) happening Jan. 24th at the Parish. Win tix here:


Shivery Shakes

I love everything Will Glosup does. (Remember The Bubbles?!) He’s so precious I want to bake him into a cake and eat him up. They’re finishing up their new record with Danny Reisch to be released next year.

Also, Did you know that June 27, 2013 was proclaimed Shivery Shakes day in Austin by our Mayor?! It was. And this lady knows what she’s talking about….


Holy Wave 

I love psych rock that still has melodies. New album comes out in February!


Abram Shook

Winner of effortless cool. This guy. Debut album, Sun Marquee, comes out Jan. 11 on Western Vinyl and he’s already in the studio working on his next one!

Snag my favorite song off his new record via Rolling Stone


Man, Troupe Gammage is one of the best singers in town. Seriously. And these dudes write great pop songs. There’s a record all ready to go and they’re looking for a label to release it. Columbia? Glassnote? Get with it.

Living Grateful

The Strange Boys may have called it quits (sad face) but they’ve reformed as Living Grateful and will be releasing two records early next year. As the name suggests, The Grateful Dead is an influence.

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