UPDATE: Fun Fun Fun Fest Beats Scalpers With 20% Craiglist Discount for 2013 Tickets!

UPDATE: We received numerous emails forwarded by readers that showed The Belmont and ACL Live both included the same link and code in an email blast this morning. After reaching out AGAIN to Fun Fun Fun Fest’s publicist and hearing nothing, we reached out to ACL Live. Their marketing department confirmed that the link is legit and explained that the publicists may not have been aware of the promotion.

Looks like the tricksters at Fun Fun Fun Fest figured out how to beat the scalpers at their own game. This post had originally been written to congratulate FFFFest on kick-ass marketing, but when the fact check with the publicist said it wasn’t legit, I changed the post. 

SOOOO, if you’re looking for discounted tickets, go here and enter the code: 3df2ynlr. It officially expires on November 1st.


Check it: Last night a friend was looking for cheap Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 tickets on Craigslist and found this ad. I emailed it to the Festival’s publicist this morning. Surprise! Although Fun Fun Fun Fest is known for doing some crazy marketing events, he says this one is not officially through them.

Haven’t bought tickets for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013 yet? No need to look for scalpers. The beloved Austin festival still has plenty available. And if you want FREE tickets, be sure to follow our buds over at SPRATX for #freeartfriday. Every Friday until the Festival, they’re including a pair of tickets with one of the art pieces hidden around town.


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8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Fun Fun Fun Fest Beats Scalpers With 20% Craiglist Discount for 2013 Tickets!

    • Chris Apollo Lynn Post author

      Nope. The article was written. I reached out to publicist for fact check. They said it wasn’t legit. I changed the article to warn people instead of tell about the discount. I started getting tweets, emails, and texts from people. Reached out to the publicist AGAIN. Didn’t hear back, so I reached out to ACL Live. They confirmed it was legit. I updated the post. That’s actual journalism.

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