EXCLUSIVE: El Chile on Manor Road Reopens TOMORROW; Flat Top Burger To Become Cantina [PHOTOS]


Owner Carlos Rivero stands in front of the freshly painted El Chile on Manor Rd

When El Chile on Manor Road closed over the summer to move to the trendy South First neighborhood, I rejoiced. No more worrying about how many big-ass Mimosas or Chilango Margaritas I could have before biking or driving home. Finally my favorite Tex-Mex brunch spot is now stumbling distance from my house.

But many East Siders weren’t as excited. In fact, a lot of folks were upset that the popular neighborhood cantina had left its home after 10 years. Owner Carlos Rivero listened to his regular customers, and after a new paint job and some much needed remodeling, El Chile fans can now dine at the beloved Tex-Mex restaurant starting TOMORROW evening. And since the Manor Road location and the South First location will both be open, looks like my East Side homies and I will be rotating brunches between both neighborhoods.

As you can see in the photos below, the Manor Road El Chile will have the same paint job as the South First location. To me, the white and pale blue combination give the building a much more open and inviting feel. The art work from Austin graffiti artist Federico Archuleta, Monterrey’s Cesar Peralta, and San Antonio’s Blas Lopez combine chicano themes with street style art to create a look that’s contemporary and urban. And while there haven’t been any structural changes, the opening of previously private rooms helps increase the seating space for the building.

The reopening of the Manor Road El Chile isn’t the only news Carlos had to share. This weekend, Flat Top Burger closed. When asked about future plans for spot, Carlos said its next incarnation would be a true cantina, serving Mexican pub food as well as El Chile’s take on burgers. And southies: El Chilito is coming to the Southwood neighborhood on Manchaca just south of Ben White.

Check out the photos below for a sneak peak of the Manor Road El Chile. The sign will be outlined tonight and painted tomorrow. Dinner service starts TOMORROW, Wednesday, October 30th. Full service starts on Thursday, October 31st.


Owner Carlos Rivero stands beside El Chile on Manor Road.


The new paint job on the El Chile on Manor Road will match the South First location’s colors.


The sign for the new Manor Road El Chile isn’t up yet, but this gives you and idea of how it will look.

el-chile-austin-manor-road-reopening-2013.jpg el-chile-austin-manor-road-reopening-2013.jpg


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