The Dudes At Austin Fire Department’s South Congress Station Are My New Heros


Man, I have to give mad love to AFD’s South Congress Station. They were my heros today.

I live on a compound of a bunch of small old houses in 78704. Around 1PM, I started to smell smoke and thought maybe I’d burnt some of my lunch. Seconds later, there was pounding on my front door. It was my neighbor. He told me that one of the houses on the property was on fire.

I bolted out of the door and went to check on the house. Looking in the driveway, I saw that none of the occupants were home–but Lilly, the little yorkie inside, was barking. Getting the spare key, I unlocked and flung open the door. Greeted with a face full of dark gray smoke, I grabbed Lilly and went back outside.

In the meantime, another neighbor was on the phone calling 911. Within five minutes (if not sooner), the property was swarming with firemen carrying ladders and axes. Since the front door was already open, they easily rushed inside looking for the fire. Unable to see, they sucked the smoke out with some giant vacuum fan.

While they were searching, we mourned the loss of Christi’s beautifully decorated little house. We also wondered what caused the fire. Was it an iron? Was there a fire in the attic? Did someone leave something cooking?

Minutes later, the firemen rushed out carrying the dryer. After opening the machine and dousing its insides with water, they discovered it wasn’t an electrical failure. The vent tube had been clogged with lint, and the clothes inside had caught on fire. Yeah, that apparently REALLY happens.

Other than smoke damage, the house is fine. Mother and dog-ter have been reunited. Our little compound is safe!

Morals of the story:

  • You never know the value of the Fire Department until you need it. Definitely glad those tax dollars are at work.
  • Check your dryer’s vent. It’s that little tube that connects the dryer to the wall. And clean out the lint catcher!

Once again, big love to AFD’s South Congress Station for saving my neighbor’s house and, as a result, all the little houses around it, including my own. Also, thanks to the Kinney Ave Station and the South First EMS team for their additional support.

Here are some photos I snapped during the chaos:






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3 thoughts on “The Dudes At Austin Fire Department’s South Congress Station Are My New Heros

  1. Kristen

    Also, don’t leave your washer and dryer on while you’re not at home. My mother always tells me this and I roll my eyes. But after reading this story and hearing the one about a washer malfunctioning and flooding an apartment, I’m starting to think twice about the convince of letting appliances do their thing while I’m away. hmm.

  2. Mary McKinney

    This is so great. Keep praying for our Heros as they will be protected. They are special people who have a special call on their lives to help others and to give their entire life in training and service. They truely are the hands of God for people. My son has been a fireman since he was 12yrs old first as a volunteer and then a professional. He has made us so proud by his attitude and abilities to do this very special job. He has been a professional for about 12 OR 13 YEARS now


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