13 Unbelieveable Pictures of ACL Fest 2013 Flooding

It’s official: After last night’s deluge, ACL Fest 2013 has come to an end. Due to Flash Flood Warnings, the promoters have canceled today’s show. Super pissed about not getting to wear your raingear? These pictures might change your mind!

The Lady Bird (AKA AMD) Stage at 1.10AM!

1AM KeepAustinWierd

Lady Bird (AKA AMD) Stage After Sunrise

Lady Bird Stage Flooding ACL Debi Del Grande

Photo by Debi Del Grande

I Bet There’s No Line At The Picture Frame

Capitol ACL Fest Flooding Braden

photo by jonathanbraden on Instagram

All That Virgin Dillo Dirt Just Waiting To Be Slid In

ACL FLooding Braden

photo by jonathanbraden on instagram

Made It Backstage, Ya’ll! #winning #sorrynotsorry

Budweisser Flooding ACL Fest 2013 512theresa

Photo by 512theresa on Instagram

VIP Tix Going Cheap!!

VIP Area ACL Fest BRaden

photo by jonathanbraden on Instagram

Now With Waterfront Seating!

VIP Ryan Hayes ACL Flooding

Photo by Ryan Hayes

Did We Mention The Waterfront Seating?

VIP Groove 512theresa ACL Flooding

photo by 512theresa on instagram

Sorry, Dawes’s Fans, No Beer For You!

ACL Fest 2013 Flooding Bar Under Water From Reddit

photo from Reddit user vergonsix

Gotta Stake My Spot For Phoenix, Y’all!

CleanUp Crew ACL Fest 512theresa Flooding

photo by 512Theresa on Instagram

Wait, So You Don’t Even Take Debit Cards?

Concessions Flooding ACL Fest 2013 512theresa

photo by 512theresa on Instagram

Wakeboarding, Anyone?

Barton Creek ACL Fest Flooding 512theresa

Photo by 512theresa on Instagram

TIL: Town Lake Is Actually The Colorado River!

Town Lake As A River Kinsolving

Photo by LindsayLK on Instagram

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About Chris Apollo Lynn

78704er, cyclist, part-time DJ, new media mad scientist, urban farmer, not a robot, ready for End of Days.

104 thoughts on “13 Unbelieveable Pictures of ACL Fest 2013 Flooding

  1. Yoni

    It’s not actually the Colorado river, as in from Colorado. It’s a river in Texas called the Colorado River. No relation

  2. Aryn

    Chris you rule and I enjoyed this read accompanied by its visual presentation. It’s interesting to see Austin underwater. I have been on the road for quite a spell and you are keeping me informed:) -Aryn Jonathan Black

  3. Bron (@b_tay)

    Appreciate the photos (and the humor!). My non-profit had a spot in the ACL Cares section, and when I got there around noon, it was still pretty bad (though better than it had been, of course). I couldn’t believe the pissy attitude of all the random people milling around — “It’s not raining anymore, this is lame.” Ugh.

  4. austin

    Too bad no city employee had the forethought to properly grade the great lawn. A gentle slope and a couple of French drains would have saved ACL. #keepaustinstoopid

    • Holly

      I pretty much doubt that a gentle slop and french drains can handle 10 inches of rain in 12 hours. We had all those measure around our house, plus gutters, rain barrels and drains – and we were standing in a few inches of water this morning

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  6. J.A.M.O.N.

    GO CHRIS! Can’t say I feel sorry for em…I have only attended ACL 1time(thanx to a dear friend) & that was last year on a Sunday , I got to see KIMBRA(awesome)..tried enjoying some Wahoos Fish Tacos(fail/$ spent/time wasted)..constant whiffs of manure(not so awesome) & I have a sensitive stomach lol!
    Aside from poking fun & straight keeping it real,here is something to ponder on…you would think with all the $ C3 has stacked they should have already gone and built a festival grounds(similar to the old South Park Meadows…and out there as well lol) how much more can that poor lil park take? not to mention the peeps residing in the neighborhood! Man! I bet it’s stinking like hell out there with jumbo Mosquitos to top it off!!! LOL!!!

    • Mick

      Here, here! Austin is turning into another New Orleans, and not in a good way. Too many festivals bunching up the town.

  7. ryan

    just to clarify, the one attributed to ‘ryan hayes’ is not actually mine. i came across it this morning and reshared it. apologies for the confusion. i don’t know who took it.

  8. Laura Bass Gibson

    Just to add more info you didn’t need, the Colorado river was the Spanish name for a river further east, which still runs red: the Brazos. The story is that mapmakers switched the names of the two rivers.

  9. Dave-O

    It’s called karma. Now they should do the right thing and move it out to the COTA and give the park back to the people, not a for profit company…

  10. Jc

    @austin, that’s a stupid idea. You’re obviously not from around here. ACL is only 1-2 weekends a year. People actually play soccer, football, and other sports out there the rest of the year. Slopes wouldn’t work. Remember, this isn’t a concert venue, it’s a PARK. It works just fine as it is.

  11. kjkrug2013

    Thanks for the fun and funny comments! I lived in Austin 1967-2011 and I’m one of the dummies who did realize there was a different Colorado River. My husband just explained how the Continental Divide works. Cannot stand pretentious renaming like SoCo, SoLa, Lake Lady Bird, etc. Capital of Texas Hwy. is being called CoTex. It’s gotten out of hand.

  12. Betty

    I enjoyed not dying in the Texas September heat. As a 6th generation Texan and true Austinite, my condolences to those who this may offend. GO HOME so my fellow Austinites can have their “town” back and stop trying to make Austin LA. Just said it.

  13. Steve Laing

    From the looks of the foam streak down the middle Barton Creek, I’d say there’s a good amount of dissolved organic matter from stuff like sewer backups and algae blooms fed from fertilizer runoff. Yuck.

  14. Truth Hurts

    LOL @ Betty. Austin already is LA East. Also known as South Dallas. It’s been that way since at least the late 1980s. Unfettered growth and rabid real estate developers killed Austin a long time ago.

  15. Rob

    As a native NYer I love visiting Austin and reading the complaints about festival goers. It’s one of the best festivals there are. And 13 inches of rain is pretty difficult to overcome. Cheers to Susan at the United desk at Austin airport I’m home and dry today. Thanks for another great ACL experience and thanks to Chris for the photos post-deluge!

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  17. Cass

    Holy…. shit. These comments with all of the pretension…. this is why people talk so much trash on Austin and its residents now. “True Austinites”. Relax, take a deep breath, and take off those prescription-less glasses you have on. It will feel good to dislodge that stick from your ass, try it.

  18. Lacey Cominsky

    Just to blow y’all’s (yes, that IS a word) minds, I lived in Paris TX and they claim the fame of French Fries being named after their town!! The story goes that some guy from Dallas area was vending fried potato strips at the World Fair in NYC, early-20th-century, and when asked by a reporter where he learned his trade the response was, “I saw someone do it over in Paris.” The reporter assumed the man meant Paris, France, but he was really just referencing a dinky town in North Texas! The only other thing they are famous for is the truck-culture documentary “Hands On a Hard Body,” which is even more satisfying to watch than eating deep-fried potatoes.

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    • Chris Apollo Lynn Post author

      Seeing the flood waters was pretty unbelievable to me, especially since we’ve been in such a deep drought up here in Austin for the last few years. In fact, that park received more than 12 inches of rain in just a few hours. The 200,000 folks who’ve viewed that post in less than 24 hours probably also thought it was pretty crazy, too.

      Just goes to show that different people have different life experiences that cause them to view the world in different ways. Some people think finding $20 in their pocket is a miracle, while others don’t even piss for $20. We’re on the brink of the worst drought in recorded history up here, so we’ll take what we can get, and anything above a 5-minute rain fall is a miracle, and the flooding that is happening right now is unbelievable.

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  23. Jeff Braddock (@Braddock512)

    I love ‘Austinites’ and their snide comments about the city growing too much, getting to be too much like New Orleans (or any other large city). Dear ‘natives’, please leave. Go live in a cave with your isolationist dreams and ideals of small towns. When you decide to join planet Earth, we’ll still be here, making the city flourish and grow.

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