CHECK OUT: New Visually-Stunning Video for “Sharpteeth” From Austin’s The Octopus Project

Octopus Project Sharpteeth Video

I’ve got a multi-faceted crystal hanging in the window right in front of my desk. When the sun shines through it in the morning, it sends a sea of rainbows around my room. If you look closely at the crystal, each face reflects the world around it from a different, rose-tinted angle.

Sometimes when I get bored, I stare at the crystal and imagine that each reflection is actually a window into other dimensions. Each one of these worlds is similar to our own, but with a slightly magical twist. It’s this same prismatic view of kaleidoscopic lands that I see every time when I hear Austin’s The Octopus Project. The new single, Sharpteeth, is no exception.

Photo of the crystal in front of my desk.

Photo of the crystal in front of my desk.

Sharpteeth starts off simple with a synth and a backbeat that feels like two children skipping down a path through a forest. They’re holding hands and singing a forgotten nursery rhyme, “Kids with sharp teeth know a thing or two about the things they’d rather do.” All of a sudden, they get hit by a crystal lightning bolt that causes their chakras to explode with color. Suddenly they’re running through rainbows with sparkling diamonds hovering around them like Sonic the Hedgehog. More lightning flashes revealing  a candylandscape with giant gummy bears, candy hearts, and licorice tree branches.

As the music builds, layers of distortion swirl overhead until the children are swept in a cyclone of sound. A warm, glowing Theramin serves as a guardian angel, taking the children’s hands and guiding them through a chaotic cloud of attacking rainbows, diamonds, and candy. Sucked up by the cyclone, the children get spit out and return back in this world, not quite sure what they just experienced.

I love this song. To me, it’s like Suicide recording a surf rock song on Willy Wonka’s chocolate lake; The Mamas and the Papas on a sugar high living in a crystal palace; The Ramone’s wrapped up in a beautiful Kolonopin cloud; Laurence Welk on an acid trip at Disneyland; or Animal Collective’s Panda Bear in love and focused cause he’s slightly jacked up on Adderall. It’s a playful anthem that pairs perfectly with psycho beach parties or having a beer in your backyard kiddie pool.

Octopus Project Sharpteeth Video

The video for Sharpteeth is beautiful. Filmed at the Scottish Rite Theater, it features the band playing as bizarro fuzzy-headed versions of themselves. Chockfull of retro styling, random curiosities, and tripped-out special effects, it’s like Wes Anderson made a video with David Lynch. Check it out:

VIDEO: Sharpteeth by The Octopus Project

The new album, Fever Forms, comes out on July 9th. You can pre-order it here–and if you order the “Super Deluxe” package, you get a special 3-D Viewmaster with this kick ass viewmaster reels, like this one. You can also pick one up at the Fever Forms Official Album Release Party at the Mohawk on July 6th.

Need ANOTHER The Octopus Project fix before the show? Check out this album trailer:

VIDEO: Fever Forms Album Trailer #1 by The Octopus Project


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