The Bright Light Social Hour Release Powerful New Anthem “Wendy Davis” in Response To SB5


Man, it has been a crazy week. Tuesday night folks around the world heard the roar of Texas women fighting against Senate Bill 5, legislation that, if passed, would severely increase state control of women’s bodies and their choice to get an abortion. Although the Republicans tried shenanigans, the bill didn’t get passed, thanks to the People’s Filibuster.

Yesterday morning, buzzing on sleepless excitement, I got a text from The Bright Light Social Hour‘s Jack O’Brien:

We’ve got something extremely special for you. At the protest we were inspired to run to the studio, and have been up all night writing and recording a song based on the crowd chants. I got some amazing video, too. Curt and Jo are finishing up the mixing, and I’m editing the video. Gonna release it as soon as we finish. It’s fucking mean.

Later that evening, the song and the video were in my Inbox. And, yes, it is fucking mean.

The track starts with a sample taken from the band’s cell phone recording of the crowd chanting “Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!” A rolling bass and a kick drum charge out like a stampede of  citizens marching on the Capitol. Suddenly an electric guitar squeals, musically personifying the passionate anger of women ready to fight for their rights. As the song builds, the chanting joins crescendoing percussion to create a rising sonic wave that crests in an ecstatic anthemic, aural orgasm of elation and victory. Part LCD Soundsystem, part Allman Brothers, this anthem shows the true talent, artistry, and heart behind one of my favorite Austin bands.

Check it out:

VIDEO: “Wendy Davis”by The Bright Light Social Hour

You can cop a free download of “Wendy Davis” on The Bright Light Social Hour’s Soundcloud page. Download it, crank it up, call your friends, and get ready to descend on the Capitol again next week for Governor Goodhair’s special session to try and push this bill through.

Remember: The power to govern only exists through the consent of the governed. We control the power. We can take it back. With our collective voice, our shouts become a lion’s roar that rattles the marble halls and blows back the curtains of control, exposing a naked emperor cowering in the corner.

The dillos shall rise from the dust. Let’s paint this state blue!! Register to VOTE!

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