‘Drones’ by Austin Electro-Pop Band Night Drive Is A Nu-Wave Hyperspace Ride [VIDEO + DOWNLOAD]

Drones Night Drive Austin Band

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been playing the new single “Drones” from Austin electro-pop band Night Drive nonstop.

With its driving beat and dancing synths, “Drones” is like jetting off to a nightclub in the sky.  Lights reflecting off the windshield, pinks, neon blues, and splashes of oranges, you can’t help but feel like you’re riding through a future city. But as fun as that may sound, it’s about to come to an end; although playful and catchy, the lyrics have a darker undertone.

“The panic has begun as everything comes undone. There is nowhere to run.” “Having a laugh at a fairground. We feel the earth shake all around.”

It’s almost like Morrissey teamed up with New Order to reimage “Every Day is Like Sunday”  in Cloud City or The Fifth Element instead of a coastal town in 80s Britain. And I’m not sure if it’s on purpose, but the line “No rue to rue” could be a direct allusion to New Order/Joy Division’s “Procession.” Overall, it’s a fun track that is perfect for summer nights. You can download it free from the band’s Facebook page here.

The video came out today. It’s pretty much like a two Starcraft pilots get stuckin Hyperspace. Check it out:

VIDEO: “Drones” by Night Drive

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Drones Night Drive Austin Band

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