Austin film FOURPLAY shares the secret sex lives of your neighbors

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As a freshman at UT, I lived in a dorm in West Campus. To prank each other, my suitemates and I would scour the Internet to find photos of disgusting sex acts, print them out and tape them up. Of course, pictures included Internet classics like goatse (the dude with the prolapsed, gaping anus), ping pong girl, and that chic in the bathtub squirting who knows what out of her orifices (feel free to google all of those yourself). It also included obese people, midgets, and bestiality. In this way, we established what was sexually “right” and “normal.”

The first time I realized that every day folks could be deviant was at a party a couple of years later with a bunch of UT athletes in another apartment in West Campus. The living room was full of guys shooting the shit, drinking, and playing cards. At one point in the evening, the conversation moved to sex.

One of the guys, a track star, started talking about a recent hookup with a chick he’d met at a bar. Naked in bed, things were starting to get a little heavy. His fingers  headed south–and so did hers, right to his anus. Startled, he stopped kissing her and then kicked her out. To prove to us how disgusted he was, he went on a rant about how ain’t nothing getting near his ass.

“Man, you’re really missing out on some fun then.” That came from the most athletic guy in the apartment, a UT basketball player. Continuing in his deep voice, he said, “Don’t knock it till you try it. My girlfriend loves to lick my hole, and I love when she does it–and if she shoves a couple of fingers up there right before I bust, it makes my orgasm cosmic.”

Thinking he was joking, half the room started laughing. The other half of the room stood staring at this dude in disbelief. Although I was firmly planted in the disbelief column, part of me was excited that he was so open about what he liked. That’s when it hit me that everyone else was probably more of a closet freak than they led others to believe.

Setting out to prove this theory is FOURPLAY, a movie written directed, and filmed in Austin. Playing at the Alamo Village through February 14th, FOURPLAY shares four stories of deviant sexual intimacy from four American cities: Skokie, Austin, Tampa and San Francisco. Sometimes funny, sometimes over the top, and sometimes hard to watch, FOURPLAY definitely will challenge viewers to rethink eroticism and intimacy.

The first short, Skokie, tells us the story of a closeted Lesbian who dotes on a married female member of her church’s choir. While watching her beloved’s dog for the weekend, she discovers a beastly way to live out her intimate fantasies.

In Austin, the second short, we meet a heterosexual couple who have to schedule date night to have sex. When the young lady wants a baby, the relationship’s status is called into question. She’s a dreamer. He’s a horny realist. Some how they must meet in the middle.

I was really moved by Austinite Danielle Renee‘s acting in the Austin short. She really captured the fear that we all feel when challenging our partner to take our relationship to the next level. And the way sex is used to bring a relationship together reminded me of a couple of my own past relationships.

Atticus Rowe as Kai and Danielle Rene as Lily in FOURPLAY.

Atticus Rowe as Kai and Danielle Rene as Lily in FOURPLAY.

The third short, Tampa, will make you look at public restrooms in a totally different way. Struggling to find a sexual partner while cruising the men’s bathroom, this guy starts fantasizing an orgy of comically massive proportions. Joining in on the sexcapade are guys dressed as the Marx Brothers, a Politician, military dudes, and more. Somewhat of a farce, this scene is full of penises and might cause a Southern Baptist to have a heart attack.

Clip from Tampa:


San Francisco, the last short, introduces us to a cross-dressing sex worker and her quadriplegic john.  Paralyzed and hooked up to a ventilator, he can only communicate by blinking his eyes. Ultimately, the sex worker figures out how to make things work.

Out of all the scenes, this one was the most challenging to me. Romantic music plays, but instead of a man and a woman looking into each others’ eyes, it’s a cross-dressing escort and an older, paralyzed man sharing an intimate moment. And while the other “deviant” scenes, Skokie and Tampa, have an almost whimsical feel, San Francisco maintains something raw and vulnerable. Most of this is due to Paul Soileau‘s portrayal of the sex worker, adding a delicate emotion that allows us to connect with the character on a real level.

Clip from San Francisco:


We had a chance to talk to director Kyle Henry, writer Carlos Treviño, and actor Paul Soileau this week. After a brief synopsis of the movie, the guys and I play “Never Have I Ever” and then share some sex tips. Am I blushing? Hopefully my mom doesn’t watch this video.

Sex Secrets from Kyle Henry, Carlos Treviño, and Paul Soileau from the move FOURPLAY


EXPERIENCE: FOURPLAY opened today at the Alamo Village and will run through February 14th. Go see it! It  could  make for an interesting Valentine’s Day! 😉 Buy Tickets Here

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  1. Marina A. Travis

    Thanks for the review — I wouldn’t have gone to see Fourplay otherwise. And it was much better at the Alamo than it would have been at a regular theater; the audience really got into it.


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