Welcome spring to Austin with these beautiful photos of my plum tree blossoming

This morning I woke up to an explosion of flowers on the plum (cherry?) tree in my backyard. And although I’d love to invite you all over to witness the occasion, I have a tiny backyard. Instead, I decided to take some pics and share them with all of y’all.


I’m currently reading “Creating True Peace” by Thich Nhat Hahn. In the book, he describes a neighborhood celebration of cherry blossoms. When someone in the neighborhood notices that the cherry tree in his backyard is about to bloom, he invites over family and friends for an all-day party. With cups of tea, cookies, and drums, everyone gathers around and celebrates a beautiful moment together.


By celebrating the natural cycles and rhythms of life, it helps us cultivate a feeling of peace within ourselves.


“Time is life; we should use our time in order to live with peace, joy, and freedom.” –Thich Nhat Hahn


Wishing you all a peaceful weekend before the joyous chaos of SXSW!


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One thought on “Welcome spring to Austin with these beautiful photos of my plum tree blossoming

  1. Tim

    Mexican Plum. It’s gorgeous. I know people like to say that Texas only has two seasons, but I find working outside that I can feel the seasons here in Texas.


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